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  1. sales are going to decline enough that we won't have to suffer through force fed minorities and women fucking up good games anymore. This game is the tipping point. Every game that does this shit flops. Halo 5. BFV. Infinite Warfare. All propaganda garbage hated by their fans Time to hit these fuckers in their wallets, Trump won, the Obama Cuck fad era is over. there's no excuse to side with the losing, eradicated liberal losers at this point. They're dead and gone and nobody likes them, time to get back to real life. If you don't, we gonna fuck your money up TRUMP NATION
  2. they're all guilty of this but COD WW2 was phoned in garbage trying to play it safe. BF devs are straight up calling out people who disagree with their cuck fad revisionist BS These games need to be eradicated. Halo 5, BF1, V, COD WW2, all Western games from this gen, all trash with propagandist themes. Ruining gaming and ruining lives fuck these games and their devs. We want REAL games back.
  3. COD SYAYS HELLO Games for men Fuck your feelings, women played a miniscule role in WW2 anf fucking 0.1% served in any meaningful role. AN entire generation of men was wiped out, there's no excuses, this was our war, our time and our history, cunts fuck off.
  4. LMFAO @ this soyboy garbage LOVE seeing the backlash against this Proves times are changing, people are standing up against this trash finally. these fake ass liberal cuck games are on borrowed time at this rate. This franchise is dead. The developer has doubled down on the side of lies, rewritten history and downright evil. this is for the men that fought. Fuck you DICE, Fuck you EA, Fuck you Sweden, Fuck you battlefield.
  5. The dislikes keep going It's almost as if these guys didn't hear Trump won. Nobody likes Hilary or liberals. This our generation. Our time. We call the shots now. No one thinks women are cool. No one wants to play as a fucking barbie in their army men games. CUCK Studio DICE from proaganda grounds zero (Sweden) HBFR!
  6. SIKE! 3rd party games to the rescue!! It's genius!
  7. both are utterly retarded, this shit needs to stop. We've had a whole generation of thes epropganda ShitGames, time to go back to real games soon or else western gaming is dead to me. The best part about BO4 not having a campaign is atleast now it won't have an SJW narrative component. Black ops 4 wins.
  8. in petite feminine voice *Flanking left* *Grenade out!* *I've got you covered* I cringe everytime one of these games tries to push some''badass' female soldier girl Robotic Prothestic arms and women in WW2 games. Bu bu it's about da fun not the authentic war experience *Game's title is Battlefield* *whole fanbase is military junkies* 99% of Girls can't even use the controller on a console *
  9. You have to shell out an extra 20 for the deluxe edition to get the cover with the guy on it These fucking SJW assclowns. Fuck battlefield will never get my money ever again.
  10. 6.0 teraflops guys Hurry up!! Rush out and get em while they're hot, BC! You fucker! How come you don't have one yet?? Why did you buy the PS4 Pro instead Oh wait, could it have been that my last phil spencer console devalued faster than a Russian car?? If I wait 6 more months the One X will be given out in happy meals. 4 fucking movie tickets It's almost as if a console with NO EXCLUSIVE GAMES is fucking worhtless to consumers, isn't it? no wonder they prioritized the retard controller
  11. you can't even give your loyal customers one fucking exclusive game. ONE! I WANNA SEE ONE! ONE FUCKING GAME you got money for fucking special olympics, retard controllers and fucking age of empires exclusives to Winblows PC but you can't secure ONE fucking game on Xbox? What a fucking con-man.
  12. True or false: The Xbox One is a completely non-essential purchase. True or False: The Xbox One's exclusive offerings will go down in history as one of the worst lineups of all time. True or False: The Original Xbox has more exclusives than the Xbox One. True or False: The Xbox brand was in a healthier position with the original Xbox than the Xbox One. True or False: The Xbox One only got worse as the generation went on. True or False: Phil Spencer is committed to sinking the Xbox brand and turning it into a service for his corporate overlord's shitty defunct 1990's computer workstation OS.