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  1. it's underperforming because people are fucking embarrassed to play that sexualized weirdo shit. same reason why dankanromper, atelier, semran kakura and all the other games cows like flop or top out at 50k. Gross, exploiatative art design. Ninja Gaiden >
  2. Nice, just in time to announce the one year 'exclusivity' deal has expired. My insiders have this pegged for an XBOX release this year.
  3. it's funny because I have friends in the States who I used to play rainbow six 3/halo 2 with and both grew up and joined the military. Another friend I had here in Canada was super into CS source and he ended up trying (and failing) to join the Canadian forces. All huge gun buffs, all huge military shooter fans, etc. COD as well is a fucking recruitment tool from what I hear. Let's not kid ourselves here: yes videogames are to blame for glorifying guns. The amount of gun knowledge you get from games is also insane. I have no interest in firearms but I know a lot about them. I remember this revelation hitting me and how fucked it was that I knew all these different guns but never actually cared to learn anything about them, I just absorbed it from games. now imagine what a nutcase will do with the knowledge. TRUMP once again is right.
  4. yeesh. Even I'm done with this game. Fuck this expanding games indefinitely crap. We need sequels. Rainbow Six is a prime example of this. give us Siege 2 with a damn campaign mode.
  5. Nier's characters are atrocious lmfao. look like PS2 era cgi.
  6. also helps that they're dirt cheap with it being a dead platform and all.
  7. I was thinking of getting one because I hate having to plug in old consoles to play Resident evil 1-3.
  8. you mean NiNi Nooki 2 beta test edition has gone gold. Will get the complete 4K edition on Xbox next year.
  9. I guarantee you if MS actually doubled down on Halo/Gears/Cod type of games their audience wouldn't be leaving. The thing Microsoft needs more than anything is another huge ADULT shooter franchise. No girl protagonists, no wierdo shit.
  10. This is also why MS is making such vanilla games like Sea of Thieves, Recore, Etc. They are so scared to offend anyone nowadays, they'd never make another hyper-violent IP. They'd never make a game like God of War. They'd never make another game aimed at the male adult demographic, which is 95% OF THEIR AUDIENCE. The 'cultural shift' phil is talking about is the shift from making games we want to making sterile crap.