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  1. they're not for use when the consoles are ON.
  2. *i hit caps lock accidentally there ps4 still sucks
  3. it's a "playstation icon' franchise i.e a worthless multiplat no surprise
  4. shit on forza for releasing 2 different games every 2 years, lap up japfAG SHIT LIKE YAZIKI TWICE A YEAR. PSFuckBoyz
  5. they must just reuse the assets across their internal studios. That mechanic is ripped straight from TLOU. Sony always cuts corners.
  6. should do another 2 on its new home, xbox one. announcement coming at e3.
  7. ellie being a dyke was surely one of the reasons. that and all the gay characters you meet along the way in the game. Same with Horizon, Journey, etc. All of Sony's games = GAY, GAY, GAY!
  8. these lazy bastards are going through their whole catalogue viewtiful joe next