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  1. too grindy. I hate how you have to chase these big monsters around for 30 minutes as they move through the map.
  2. If sony loses destiny rights and COD rights they are stillborn in the US. they pay out the ass for these because they have no games that appeal here. they have no shooters, their studios aren't capable of making an e-sports level competitive game, all they make is cinematic trash which is good for Europe, and chinese samurai games for asia. Destiny literally carried sony here this entire gen, people Istill think that game is a playstation exclusive. Sony's devious marketing deals all stemmed from jealousy, jealousy over halo, jealousy over COD, jealousy over 360. They're a sham, a knockoff product and they deserve to lose. Take away sony's marketing deals and they have the weakest offerings geared towards american gamers i've ever seen. they won't be shitting out killzone or resistance/halo knockoffs anymore because they're all dead and gone now and were flops last gen. take away activision and sony's shitstation5 is dead on arrival.
  3. lmfao sony had this gen handed to them on a silver platter and MS still managed to go pretty much 1:1 in the US. It's never happening. Sony is looked at as a chinese anime shitbox for lonely gamers here. Nobody likes playstation here, it's not popular. 360 outsold PS3 by over 2:1. Xbox is America's console, always will be.
  4. you're mad. Now we have the best versions of platinum, best capcom, best everything still just we get ninja theory and you dont. On MS budget this will easily become a top tier studio. Can't wait to see their next game. going to be one hell of a BANGER
  5. MS should buy them, must be a pretty cheap studio. hopefully this and insomniac are next, anything that really fucks wit he cows would be a great get, much like ninja theory.
  6. lol, bodycountstradamus is right again. they're dropping 'of war' because war conjusrs up images of men, militaria, brotherhood, masculinity, etc. Now this shit is really doomed. Never seen a brand with so much disdain for its own fans and history. I thought Gears 4 did't completely cuck out because JD was at least white and Marcus's Son, but now with him replaced this franchise is easily further down the rabbit hole of SJWism than Halo 5 was. Halo atleast looks to be saved with Infinite going back to Chief, so for Gears fans I hate to say the worst is yet to come but it's necessary for Gears 5 to flat out fail and be hated by everyone so we can get real Gears back. it's going to be many years until you get a 'real' gears game again. Boycott. this. game. With every ounce of your strength. don't cave, don't give coalition or EA/dice your money. There's tons of other games to buy, don't support this filth that looks to destroy every franchise we hold dear. BOYCOTT!
  7. lamepass still sucks, they shouldn't give this stuff away for free. old games are one thing, but new games shouldn't be put in there.
  8. welcome to pro-consumer gaming. now imagine being charged $60 to play spunk like KACK, 5.0Club, InDaAnus: Second Cum, Tatziki 0/1/2/3/4/5/5/6/6/77/88/8/998997, and DadBod of War.
  9. lmao @ these clowns importing chinese games Just go digital already.