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  1. RemiPee writing steam in all caps, the name of his idol
  2. The war is over. [Puts rifle on ground. Looks at waving Sony flag, which foreshadows the onlooking soldier becoming obsolete just like the final scene in Seven Samurai by Kurosawa].
  3. Ban /ˈbɑːn/ was a noble title used in several states in Central and SoutheasternEurope between the 7th century and the 20th century. In English, common term for the province governed by ban is banate and term for the office of ban is banship.
  4. I also speak French, or as we like to call it, "français".
  5. You're a worker. I'm a capitalist. I live off stocks, which pay me a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per year. I'm not used to working.