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  1. AH HAHAHA FAGGOT! I wonder how dumbfuck Trump supporters in SW and every where else are going to spin this one. Is Flynn's flip on Trump part of 23D chess? LMAO
  2. get this book published. be rich and famous. retire early.
  3. i'll be editing my book according to the suggestions given to me by a HarperCollins editor. i'm going to be a hollywood star pretty soon.
  4. company of heroes 2. it was a masterpiece but the devs destroyed it. now i'm waiting for iron harvest to take its place.
  5. steam is going to have a sale soon in thanksgiving, i'm probably going to buy foxhole. but that's it.
  6. Sup Bitches

    welcome back nigga, dunno if you know me but i remember your name. carlos vela
  7. That's a Freudian slip. I don't think they want Trump to even be president.
  8. Trump is so fucked. I hoped that this investigation never reaches a conclusive end. Trump needs to feel on the run until his dying breath.
  9. getting nervous, going to a writer's conference in atlanta next friday, selling my novel to an editor for harpercollins, wish me luck niggaz
  10. good to see old names in that group hah
  11. Having an Xbox is useless at this point. Xbox literally has no fucking games worth playing.