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  1. I wouldn't normally care about things like this because in most cases it's just superficial whining that doesn't gain traction or have an effect on things, but this is actually changing the products, services and mediums we interact with on a daily basis. You may see this as a joke and I'm not generally one to push fallacies, but this is rapidly becoming a slippery slope which is adversely affecting aspects of our lives whether you want to admit that or not.
  2. This is the first game I've played that makes this thing spin up like this, it can get loud at times but this is unbearably loud. Anyone else with a Pro and this game experiencing this? It makes playing with anything except a noise cancelling headset near impossible due to how much it pulls you out of the game...
  3. The irony is the "crybaby era" is exactly why integrity is being sacrificed and games like this with women totally out of place in them are coming into existence. Calling these kind of actions into question isn't crying, it's highlighting a negative trend in society which grants equality irrationally and in opposition of historical accuracy as to be inclusive.
  4. It's not even common sense, every game they've built for Sony previously required they relinquish the rights to them. Sony would have been the first publisher they approached, and even if they were not the first they would have been on their list and approached before Microsoft. The fact that it's not on PlayStation says for a fact that they were not willing to let them keep the rights so no deal was struck and they moved on.
  5. That was hard. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/sunset-overdrive-exclusive-to-xbox-one-because-microsoft-allowed-insomniac-to-own-the-rights-to-its-creation/1100-6419558/
  6. Black people were on the allied front in WW2... It's not a robotic/bionic arm, it's a functional prosthetic. They were decently advanced, even in the 40's.
  7. It's representing actual historical events, sim or not it has a responsibility to maintain historical accuracy. Females were a part of the war effort but not to the glorified degree they're playing in this game. My issue is it belittles the men and what they did, how they were the 99.99th percentile in combat, in deaths, and creates a false emphasis surrounding females based upon the minuscule role they played in combat operations.
  8. Forced? They wanted to make it and went to Sony first given their work history, but Sony wouldn't let them retain the rights if they paid for it so Insomniac turned them down and went to Microsoft.
  9. Whoops Sony's PlayStation 4 sold the most units of any hardware platform in the month of November, while Microsoft's Xbox One drove the highest dollar sales of any hardware platform during the month. Given a half share figure of 50% it wouldn't exceed revenue for December, remember it was within 3%?
  10. None of it is nonsense, it's logically sound on absolutely every level imaginable. I'm even low balling by cutting figures in half as a means of sales drop off to appease you retards when I'm doing nothing but using sound mathematics, figures, estimates and logic you assert on a daily basis to slam the Xbox One. When it turns on you it's suddenly not valid. Based upon that 35 million estimate at the end of 2017 would that make the rest of the world 42% of the Xbox One market share given NPD figures establishing the Xbox One at 20 million sales in the United States? YES Based upon the market share related directly to hardware sales, is it logically sound to presume that 42% would be maintained through a new SKU launching as there's zero indication to suggest any kind of a trend rift with four years of previous sales and other SKU's? YES Based upon the market share can we extrapolate world sales with the United States as a baseline and how the Xbox One performs here? YES With the Xbox One X selling in excess of 400,000 units in the United States for November, is the rest of the world buying roughly 336,000 a fair and logical figure to arrive at? YES With the Xbox One selling 1.296 million in November and Xbox One X being 1/3 of that, is it fair to say for December with increased sales volume of 1.365 million that the Xbox One X sold at least 50% of its previous month given fall off? YES Given the aforementioned is it fair and logical to assert that based upon the previous information and a never before seen 50% drop in sales for the second month of a console launch leading into December, is it fair and logical to say world wide sales for the One X including the United States would be at a low figure of 350,000? YES Based upon all of the above is it fair and logical to assert that the Xbox One X sold between 1.1 and 1.2 million for the months of November and December 2017? YES Are you dead? YES
  11. Most console games with unlocked frame rates don't make sense. In most cases when they get updated they get locked to 30.