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  1. If you're home give it a shot, it's a small download.
  2. I just played The Last Guardian demo, very cool. I really hope they take that beyond just a demo and integrate some kind of full experience into the game.
  3. NPD results rolling in.

    Yet revenue was higher meaning more money was spent on Xbox consoles than PlayStation consoles. The X cannibalized S sales, because its actually a desirable product and solidifies Microsoft as gauging the market correctly, something Sony missed the mark on with their upgraded revision.
  4. Isolated cut scenes that rarely interrupt the game and narrative based story telling that plays out largely while you're actually playing the game. It has to be properly rationed, you also can't have 20 minute sections that take place 20 times throughout the game where it's just monotonous walking or boring uninspired environmental traversal.
  5. FCC votes to rescind Net Neutrality

    They can now be arrested and sued for mis-gendering people, legally... Canada, the sanctuary of sanity...
  6. Just bought my ticket for SW: TLJ.

    Jar Jar Binks kills Luke.
  7. FCC votes to rescind Net Neutrality

    How was your internet in 2014? 2011? 2008? Literally every year dating back to the inception of the internet? Essentially the exact experience you're getting right now bar speed increases with time and infrastructure advancements. No one is talking about the realistic likelihood of what is to come, people are going from zero to a nuclear apocalypse with no room for anything in between, it's asinine. If anyone actually bothered to research the new stipulations, ISP's (if they make any changes) are required to clearly disclose what they've done and what they're doing, they have to be 100% transparent, that didn't exist from 1995 to 2015 yet the internet was fine. If things get bad people will drop service, it will be broadcasted on every medium of information that exists, companies will be chastised to no end until they have no choice but to change, it's not worth it. The amount of money they would lose from their consumer base would ridiculously outweigh any financial revenue they could garner from tolling certain websites. Also, all that has happened is a vote to repeal has passed, they still have to get past Congress and the Administrative Procedure Act before any of this can go into effect, and it's not likely to pass the APA.
  8. NPD results rolling in.

    I asked for games, I get a Nintendo direct cited. He can't list anything.
  9. NPD results rolling in.

    Just sayin', everything needs context.
  10. NPD results rolling in.

    Link to the exact post you got this from.
  11. NPD results rolling in.

    So, nothing?
  12. NPD results rolling in.

    And what games will drive Switch numbers throughout the coming year?
  13. NPD results rolling in.

    There was no positioning on what sold second or third posted.