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  1. The only reason the game was named that in the first place was due to a band of the same name (Biohazard) existing in the United States.
  2. Quantum Break is cumbersome in the events where you're not using powers and are just running around because guess what? In those moments you're a weighted normal human being operating under the laws of physics and leveraging mass against velocity. On top of this it's a game that uses firearms as the main focal point of its combat which in most events movement is highly relegated or restricted to slow strafing or approaches while firing which plays little role in traversal where cumbersome actions are a detriment, during these section you chain your powers to balance out firing and environmental traversal essentially nullifying the entire concept of cumbersome gameplay. What's even dumber about what you're trying to allude to here is that Quantum Break isn't coming from something, it is the basis for its own existence as a game and not a comparative. God of War is coming from a long standing franchise and has moved from one of the most chaotic, controllable and precise action hack and slash games to an amalgamation of Sony's design philosophy with nearly everything else they make with a rote movie-esque story mixed with generalized over the shoulder slow combat taking cues from something like Ryse: Son of Rome mixed with hints of what God of War used to be, it's like a taste of what once was with a big middle finger shoved up your ass. They've had numerous opportunities to show this game shining beyond the scope of what we've seen and everything we've gotten is just more of the same. We have examples of this game in action all over the place, leaked footage that you yourself posted tonight and it's just the same old rope and pony show. The game comes out in a month, one month and it's shown itself to be exactly what we've seen it as from day one.
  3. Not one person on this forum has made a case for the opposite of this game, again do you guys really have nothing to say to contend with the criticizing trends hitting this game? The only possible thing I can think of is that you actually agree yet are so embedded in your obsessions and fanboyism that you're incapable of agreeing outright.
  4. This literally translates to... "I skip out on hundreds to thousands of different game experiences because they're digital and I will only buy from a meager selection that get printed runs by a third party" Do you know how stupid that not only sounds but is?
  5. None of you people are even attempting to counter any of this, because it's reality and you all know it, we all know. Instead of just accepting it you have to white knight for shit because of a platform status and your overarching levels of butt hurt over a game being destroyed.
  6. Does it though? It looks slow, it looks cumbersome, unresponsive and clunky. Combat looks severely limited, you have to twaddle about with a stupid kid, you have to deal with a rote 'emotional' story that is going to drag for hours filled with cutscenes... You're going from an action game to a Greek god take on Ryse mixed with The Last of Us. It's clearly trying to fit in, not redefining itself, trying to become a cookie cutter of all the other Sony cinematics. It's dumb.
  7. No, the water in the OP looks like nothing more than a modern extrapolation on decade plus old technology, there's just nothing impressive about it. There's not even a collision model for water interference. If you put Halo 3 into a low centered first person perspective messing about in the water artistically framed it would look not much different.
  8. The number of players is continually growing but people aren't playing it? Nice detective work there Watson Also, is it possible for any of you idiots to not drag unrelated things into a discussion of a game? We're criticizing a game and the proper response is to respond about that game, this isn't tit for tat moron. Is that all you people are capable of? You can't defend from the criticism so you attack something else? Is the state of games like this so bad that you can't even logically defend it? I'm continually impressed with the stupidity on display here.