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  1. Nope . Xbox wins . Ps4 has the worst multiplats . All those games are best on Xbox or PC The absolute weakest VR Ps4s true exclusives are mainly cinematic crap on the 7th or 8th installment . Literally all of the games are the same . No breakout MP games . No best in genre games Worst online , worst services , worst subscription plan . Worst everything
  2. Cooke, come over.

    Grip is banned but we have this
  3. I always knew you were a girl You probably posted that you got me banned on your FB Michelle Bates lmao
  4. The community isn't on ps4. As I said because I had a PS4 and Kno this . Asw games die fast on all platforms . I bet more people still play accent core on Xbox 360 than Xrd on ps4 You're literally stupid . Boot up KOF on ps4 now and see how long it takes to get a match
  5. You do understand thats not true ? The asw games die on ps4 in a month . KoF ? Doa . None of those games have big comminuties . Do I play them all the time ? No . It's nice to play when I feel like it ? Yes . Literally an idiot . So dumb .
  6. Cooke, come over.

    Rip cooke
  7. Yes I know the story David
  8. I couldn't care less . But you are INDEED a pussy . With no wife.
  9. I have literally ZERO interest .
  10. You proved nothing . You talked big than tucked hard . So scared to prove what you said . You're ashamed and you know it
  11. I don't criticize what you buy , because I can't . You don't buy the games . Do you get this now ? Idiot
  12. Calls people dumbos , plays VR what an IDIOT
  13. Lol that's closer to 360 . Worse than my PC ffs . Damn
  14. Yeah , that is point . Considering you say your buying all these games then don't . Not sure why your mad . Just saying what you do . Idiot .
  15. And it made games better ...without having to rebuy them . Dumbo Same reason ?