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  1. Guy is crying because the SJWs gave his tranny game good scores lmao The world we live in Thankfully MS gives us games with good gameplay and not shit games with political , sjw views to gather good scores from unprofessional agenda reviewers
  2. Sell my Xbox for one cinematic samey Sony game and play 99 percent inferior multiplats the rest of the year ? .ROFL . No thanks
  3. You're avoiding so hard Man up or shut up , pussy LOL Do not speak ONE word until you prove your point , bitch boy HAHA
  4. Post your PSN now I'll post my XBL If you won't do this simple task STFU and take the L
  5. I love me some good of war but damn I don't need 2 consoles Not sure if there is anything else I want to play on ps4
  6. Damn, where my homie Kyle at ?