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  1. Hdr is legit

    Hdr is more impressive than 4k imo
  2. Hdr is legit

    Yes but he wasn't playing then in hdr
  3. Hdr is legit

    Oh I didn't even know re7 had hdr.
  4. Industry support lol . Wiiu2 is too weak to get support Over 20 34d party games in just TWO MONTHS wiiu2 excluded . Reef
  5. Sheep had a long 4 years of wiiu being the worst selling console of all time . Of ALL TIME now sales are the most important thing ever . Just like the Wii days . Talk about sales , play no games LOL
  6. Switch has no games . You might have bought Mario. What's next ? Year old massively inferior ports? Haha
  7. Hdr is legit

    LMFAO . Liar
  8. Davis buys PS4 for games that are also on PC , claims pure Sony exclusives are the reason he bought PS4 . LMFAO . Sony dumbos. Fucking idiots .
  9. Switch is an exclusive console . PS4 isn't . People buy PS4 because it has a ton games . Most of sonys exclusives are on PC . Lmao if you think people are buying PS4 purely because of naughty dog games and GG . You play more PS4 games that are on PC than are not . Did you buy uncharted 4 ? Lmao . No . Why don't you play on PC ? Different markets . Your not in ps4s ecosystem for it's pure exclusives and you damn well Kno that
  10. You guys are embarrassing
  11. Lol what ? You think PS4 owners bought PS4 for horizon and GTS ? Lmao NO Almost all Sony exclusives are on PC . Are PS4 sales slowing because of that ? Idiot
  12. AA game. Lol Why wouldn't they ? That game would probably sell a million on PC. Would they take away from PS4 sales ? No . But if would net more money to the devs and Sony .
  13. Oh so only what you want matters . Lol . You fanboy all these Sony exclusives yet don't play half of them and most of them are best on PC
  14. It doesn't make sense for CupHead to be exclusive cause if it was on switch and PS4 it would sell a lot more . Yes Ms threw money at it to make it what it was. But if they didn't fund it ...how would it make sense to be Exclusive . Lmao at bringing up VR games . Obviously it should be on PS4. But vive and occulos ? Why not ?