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  1. Tablet. You can get a 10 inch 500 dollar tablet the feels premium , xbx quality product Or a 500 dollar cheap plastic 720p winblows laptop
  2. Damn the input lag is atroicuos
  3. Sony 1st party Sony even have release dates . Reef. Doesn't smell confident LOL
  4. Lol shouldnt you and your bf be pooring wax on each other's nuts ?
  5. More like what you and DurpKurp do , imagine you own ps4s
  6. Boring ass 30fps poor gameplay same open world generic Sony 1st party ? Lmao . Gears and Horizon 4 look better than anything on PS . And run at twice the framerate .
  7. Lmfao . PC has no games .
  8. Unlike you I enjoy gaming . An old COD port really isn't gonna fill the void for 5 months like it does for you
  9. They will look better , especially image quality . And almost every 1st party game is going to be 60fps
  10. The best place to play video games is Xbox That really hurts the Sony fans LOL because they know it's true