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  1. Phone Wars

    btw i fucking hate that term
  2. Phone Wars

    Do you not have fiber or something? Just put everything on the cloud whenever you are home on wifi
  3. Phone Wars

    how much storage do you need? i dont even worry about my computer, let alone my phone, because everything i have is either instantly put in the cloud or lives there anyway
  4. I played the beta fucking awful omg i even forced myself to play a few games instead of just quitting. its like a sloppy slidey shitty battlefield that looks really pretty
  5. Post your ride

    I was looking at getting a lotus elise but I dont fit in them i like the alfa romeo 4c spider too but ive only ever seen one and it looked like i could pick it up. they need to make semi-exotic cars for big people too
  6. Post your ride

  7. The recent purchases thread

    nice looking
  8. 60" Samsung KS8000 for $800 new

    i got a 65 KS8000 wait for better than 4k and get bigger. 65 seems small now
  9. Post your ride

    2014 mustang gt with black hood vents i like the 2018 gt 350R next car i think
  10. The recent purchases thread

    what happened to m$ big dick move trying to make windows store a thing. gimme forza on PC
  11. The recent purchases thread

    higher than average, ya
  12. The recent purchases thread

    i like high brightness but when its an all blooming white or something its unbearable we turn our heads away
  13. The recent purchases thread

    ya the ks8000 was a pain with the ps4 pro i dont know which side to blame so i blame both. my god damn wireless headphones know when they are near my phone and sync to my watch at the same time but a tv/ps4 cant play things in the best way for us automagically? like 4 grand in tech and they cant figure out how to make it pretty is dumb
  14. Remember when Aza turned against the Cows?

    EA/HALO WARS crossover the game is free for the first mission and you can buy new missions on an app that makes you watch ads first
  15. The recent purchases thread

    how do you like it? i ended up with the KS8000 but people are saying its scarce? i just walked into the store last year and bought it. ill never be neckbeard with tv's like i am monitors