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  1. I mean I wouldn’t be surprised since a Factory overclocked GTX 1070 can’t lock 30 FPS either. Digital Foundry was getting 29 FPS with a Ryzen 1800, DDR4 3200, And a factory overclocked GTX 1070 during the benchmark. But that new guy Alex is a PC Fanboy so he didn’t want to lower any settings to lock 30. Instead he just called 29 FPS 30 FPS and called it a day. i bet if he knew it has Dynamic Resolution on X1X he would have been more honest with his PC results
  2. No dynamic shadows, no HDR rofl worst looking version pass
  3. You can see the Dyanmic Shadows in effect in this video look at the shadow the moving tree branches cast
  4. Lmao Gears of War 4 is easily best looking on X HDR and Dynamic Shadows are exclusive to X https://www.gamespot.com/articles/xbox-one-x-pc-and-xbox-one-graphics-comparison-gea/1100-6454615/ While discussing Gears of War 4, reviewer Jimmy Thang said, "In terms of pure image fidelity, it surprisingly looked better than our high-end gaming PC equipped with a GTX 1080 running the game maxed out, as it offered extra dynamic shadows that don't seem to be available on the PC
  5. Eh if X1X can out perform a 2 year old 980 Ti (Gears of War 4) There’s no reason to believe a Console can’t outperform a 3 year old 1080 Ti in 2020 Especially with 7nm on the way
  6. Today’s modern games or tomorrow’s modern games? They will surpass anything a 1080 Ti can do today