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  1. So does the DLC now come with the game
  2. 2017 NFL Thread

    How y’all doing in Fantasy Football?
  3. Post your Instagram

    Ready, go
  4. Phone Wars

    6.1 OLED would be perfect
  5. Btw is the PS4 UI as atrocious as the Xbox One? I wanted to get rid of my Blu-ray player and my Apple TV from the living room. But the Apple UI, iPhone keyboard, and easy voice commands are too much to give up for a shitty UI
  6. I need to setup game sharing, I think my brother has that game
  7. RIP Sidescrollers.net

    Can I see this thread lol
  8. Only console I’ve purchased and kept this gen is Switch, and it won’t be opened until Xmas. i did get my brothers hand me down Xbox One when he got a One X tho
  9. I don’t think so man. We’re the hardcore fans that go on forums to talk about this. Only like 1 of 1,000 gamers care about this shit
  10. Lmao this is funny as fuck. But it’s 2017 and most of us are 30+ now, are we really still pretending Xbox and PC sharing games hurts the Xbox brand ? I mean it’s fun for system wars and all, But that’s it.
  11. The recent purchases thread

    Wife got a Jeep
  12. Post your ride

  13. So is it or isn’t it a big jump on a 1080p screen? Is the supersampling noticable? A 75” Sony 900E right now is tempting, but I can hold off another year
  14. Post your ride

    You’re not scared of a deer or whatever ?