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  1. How old is everyone?

    I’m 36 too
  2. Bitcoin new all time high - $12,000+

    Pm me @-SK4- I’d like to discuss some of the alt coins I’ve been eying :)
  3. Bitcoin new all time high - $12,000+

    I finally jumped in and I bought some Eth @ around $910, on Coinbase a couple days ago. Damn transfer is fu da is antagonizing.! I wanted to trade it for some alt coins while prices were lower, now everything is climbing again while I wait for the transfer to go thru. should i trade my Eth for alt coins as soon as the The Eth is in my wallet? Or should I wait for the next dip
  4. Your Switch Collection

    Odyssey Zelda Mario Kart
  5. I sent the video to my cousin who is an elementary school Principal at a school that has a STEM program. She loved it and forwarded the video to her Technology Director
  6. Rumr: Nintendo not done with January announcements

    Yeah my 8 and 9 year olds would probably enjoy this. They each have their own Switch too. i could even see elementary schools implementing this into their STEM classes lol
  7. Rumr: Nintendo not done with January announcements

    It looks fucking stupid as hell ll, but probably good for a kids developing mind. fuck I’m torn on it
  8. Horizon 3 now showing under X enhanced

    I think the environments look bland in F7, but the car models are better. FH3 environments pop more to my eye, The trees, brushes, rock walls, etc, all look better
  9. Horizon 3 now showing under X enhanced

    I just downloaded both Forza 7 and Horizon demos. i think Horizon looks better overall. Just placed an order on EBay for $30 brand new
  10. Horizon 3 now showing under X enhanced

    Yah came out today
  11. It’s amazing. Gears looks gorgeous, the height speakers add a nice dimension. Like rain falling from above, or footsteps when enemies are upstairs. but i haven’t had too much time to play, my 8 year old son hogs it for some lame 2D BMX Game haha. im r
  12. 4K HDR Atmos Sound One can easily argue Xbox One X is the defacto system for Audio/Video Enthusiast
  13. Speaking of I bit the bullet and got a 65” OLED, Xbox one X, and 4 Cieling speakers for Atmos.
  14. Nvidia CES 2018 Press Conference is tonight

    Was the big screen thingy the only announcement ?