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  1. Damn do you read or listen to anyone besides Sam Harris? All your threads are about things he’s talked about.
  2. Digital is the biggest scam I really worry about a future without discs and retail channels. Hopefully we can keep it alive with limited run services but those are likely to get a lot more expensive if the big three stop manufacturing discs and carts.
  3. Race and IQ

    The science linking race and intelligence is extremely old. It was used to justify enslavement or to deny African Americans and Chinese immigrants civil rights. It almost never has served any purpose other than to justify terrible things like Chinese Exclusion or chattel slavery. There’s a reason why people on the right are interested in this research they want to use it to change policy. You say we should research it but for what purpose? It’s not like scientists have unlimited budgets to pursue everything. Why pursue this along the lines of race? What problem are you trying to solve? If you want to understand how intelligence is linked to your genes you can do that without relying on a social concept like race.
  4. Race and IQ

    So what’s your plan? Give people federal money based on their genetic ancestry? That doesn’t make sense and isn’t rooted in the science. Your genes are not destiny.
  5. Race and IQ

    Yes but it is abhorrent to draw assumptions about an individuals intelligence because people in their racial group on average are inferior intellectually. Can’t you see that? I agree that our efforts through the social safety net should be targeted at communities that are the worst performing. But I don’t see how genetic links to IQ get you anything constructive other than not helping people because they’re naturally predisposed to failure.
  6. Race and IQ

    What is being hidden? Hypothetical? They’re already here. What the fuck are you talking about? If you think race IQ data is valuable name one utility. It’s not like you can make any definitive findings on the question. All we we know is this: Yes IQ is sorta a good indicator of intelligence. Yes if we do IQ scores across races we get Asian > White > black. Some of this is attributed to environmental factors some genetics but we can’t be sure. That’s about it. What use is that information?
  7. Race and IQ

    Vini is so blasé about the fact that the right wing in the US has leaned on IQ and the alleged linkage with race to put forth all sorts of public policies that are designed to dismantle affirmative action and the social safety net. Murray’s entire project was to justify taking away food and cash subsidies for black mothers.
  8. Branch out. Read Dean Spade if you want to learn about trans activism. I also suggest James Forman Jr.’s new book “Locking up Our Own” and read about Reconstruction in this country start with Slavery by Another Name and then maybe the Foner book though it’s quite long. For modern civil rights movement try “Give us the Ballot” learn about Selma and the history of the Voting Rights Act. And learn about the history of white terrorism and the great migration in “The Warmth of Other Suns”. Don’t settle for Ben Shapiro’s take on the civil rights movement you can do better.
  9. Race and IQ

    The IQ data is openly discussed. No one denies the facts. At least no one serious. The problem is when you use the data to enact public policy to effect people on an imdividual basis.
  10. Race and IQ

    I’m asking you how you’re going to use average IQ data to fix whatever you think is wrong with affirmative action.
  11. Race and IQ

    So this “opportunity equation” gets calibrated based on my race? So what happens next?
  12. You just don’t have any interest in politics I think. You like consume information from three men that agree with each other and you spend no time learning about the perspectives from people on the other side. You’re pre occupied with being an anti anti racist and yet you have no interest in the history of racism in this country. You’re obsessed with painting trans advocates as whiners but have no awareness of what actual trans civil rights organizations do on a day to day basis (guess what it’s not bathrooms). Branch out. There’s more to politics than this backlash shit you’re all about right now.
  13. Race and IQ

    Now that’s racism. How are you going to make decisions for an individual based on the average IQ score for people that are in their cohort? How is that fair?
  14. Race and IQ

    It’s not really a taboo subject. IQ in race cohorts is used all the time in social science research. It’s a fact. It’s only a taboo subject when people try to use these facts to mislead people into thinking specific individuals are stupid because of their race. And White racists love using Asian people as a foil against black people. The fact that Asians have higher IQs on average only emboldens white racists.