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  1. That was good. Almost finish it all. One thing i disagree with Summers. She claims talking and dwelling on their problems like women do can be counterproductive because it was found that women are more depressive than the males they asked. My question would be is it the same for people that are already depressive in some way? Because the suicide rate in males is much higher than in women so im wondering if that is accurate. Maybe talking about your problems and feelings works as an important outlet.
  2. This is perfect for lems who want to cover their xshits in shame and pretend they have a real gaming system.
  3. Stop pretending you know everything when you clearly dont. That might be a start.
  4. True, Sony has a much better sense of when to move on from a franchise or renew it than MS. MS pretty much burns it to the ground while Sony moves on like with Uncharted. They could have milked Uncharted much more but they noticed the franchise gave all that it could. Nintendo is also good at renewing franchises by reshaping their gameplay and style.
  5. Annihilation flick

    Just finished watching it. Pretty good. Spoilers could follow
  6. Holy shit, every single thing you say is so full of crap.
  7. This game alone has more variety than the entirety of the xshit exclusive lineup put together. The xshit was a mistake.
  8. The lemmings are in perpetual state of ownage, it's considered good manners within the gaming community to make fun of them in every thread
  9. I could die in my BDSM dungeon but i still spend a lot of time there cause YOLO.
  10. Again your lemtard mind and Hopes and Dreams™ talking. If this was on the xshit you'll be praising it cause you are a retard.