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  1. This is true. They're the dev that tries to imitate God-tier studios. A poor-man's ND or Santa Monica, perfect for lemmings who have lower standards and MS knows their audience so they are throwing a bunch of bread crumbs to them. Meanwhile Sony gives their fans one 3 course michelin-starred dinner after another.
  2. This is not good for Concacaf. They were just given a extra place for the next WCs but with this level of playing it's probably not such a good idea.
  3. This makes it even more pathetic what MS has done. With all that money and Sony is still kicking their asses gen after gen by making better and bigger investments while MS only cancels games and closes studios. MS is shit for gaming, this is why lemmings are not real gamers. They support a company that is basically shit for gaming and they attack Sony that actually invests in gaming and focuses on quality. You lemmings are simple corporate whores ready to see gaming go to shit if it means you can see MS at the top.
  4. You lemmings only win in your Hopes and Dreams land. Sony wins in the real world.
  5. Lol you lemmings are still as retarded as before. Keep telling yourself that while wearing Xshit green-colored glasses. Once you take them off, you'll be able to see all the Sony studios still winning the graphic awards.
  6. Mostly unreleased games... conveniently. Of course with time the output of the 1X would improve graphically but the Pro had a year headstart for devs to get familiar with the hardware and when the 1X output will start to match the Pro's the next gen will be almost there and new hardware just around the corner. Also even if those games can hang with Sony's, they don't look vastly superior and will be mostly head to head comparable. So Sony basically managed to get the same quality of output earlier, with a year headstart and with a cheaper machine which is also reflected in the amount of hardware sold per month which is still favoring Sony considerably. Sony won this round by miles, like they've basically have won every round against MS this gen.
  7. Just do a search for "uncompromised 4k Scorpio" on Google and see how that was basically MS narrative. Of course lemtards are now trying to pretend they weren't dumb enough to fall for it so they're trying to tell a different story from what actually happened but it is a fact that MS basically lied and overpromised the Xfaux. Just one example https://www.windowscentral.com/project-scorpio "Microsoft claims that Scorpio will rock six teraflops of computational power and 320GB/s of memory bandwidth. Microsoft is aiming for uncompromising 4K UHD resolution gaming with Project Scorpio." Lol fucking liars. And we had to take a fucking year of retarded lemmings who don't understand how hardware works trying to explain us how good their 4k console was gonna be. And even thought the Xshit has indeed better hardware that the Pro, it has been incapable of matching the graphical prowess of Sony's first party. Several other, including myself, warned lemtards not to overhype the Xshit because, even though it is stronger, MS first party is pathetic and not match for Sony. Sony was smart enough to keep the Pro cheap, release 1 year in advance and rely on the talent of their first party to kill the 1X momentum and they achieved it. MS just talked and lied as they usually do and they still don't have one game which can show the superior hardware on their console. Sony mostly acted and succeeded with their strategy.
  8. More like the lemtards were saying all games were going to be uncompromised 4k, MS even advertise it like that and the lemtards fell for it. Now practically every game has some sort of compromise and non look better than Sony{s first party which many cows predicted. But convenient how suddenly the narrative changed.
  9. They already did. In fact they did shortly after the start of this gen. That's why all their titles have been cancelled or unfinished and broken junk. They don't care about the console because their focus now lies elsewhere. The only ones who haven't yet noticed it are lems so MS keeps taking advantage of their stupidity by ripping them off with the 1X, making them think they are special for having the most strongestest console in the world. In the meantime they give them PS2 looking shit games like SoD2, SoT and Crackhead 3. Lol lems are retards.
  10. Poor fatass, you can see that cheese is the highlight of her week.
  11. Japanese people arent racist, they're just allergic to shit. Smart consumers.
  12. Will some please get Deeno on his leash? He went full retard again.
  13. It's more likely that you're simply retarded and cant figure out how to make calculations. Anyways, since the Xshit has no games, it isnt really surprising that a bunch of lemtards are jumping on turds like SOD2 the minute they release out of pure desperation.
  14. That's what happens when you use Deeno Math ™
  15. GOW already had 10 days in the market by then where the majority of sales ocurred. Make no mistake. GOW will outsell and outscore any Xshit fauxclusive from this gen included Failo