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  1. Easily the most average WC day so far.
  2. I usually don't mind that at all, in fact I like it, but this game does it very very poorly. Everyone I spoke to basically had the same text options and said the same thing, there was no real direction in what you should do and when you sort of get the idea what you should be doing it seems like its just sail to an island, get a chest, return it, get gold and be able to buy any of the cosmetic items they had for sail. That is the part that I really don't like. I play heaps of GaaS and have no problem with a grind but I like the reward to be more character progression based as opposed to simply cosmetic.
  3. I literally started the game, ran around some island with basically zero idea what im doing. Hopped on a ship and sailed for 2 min and was like, fuck this.
  4. That's a shame to hear since I'm already finding the rest of the gameplay a bit of a repetitive bore.
  5. Your current GOTY is the most broken game of the year and it's on your beloved X
  6. So just to understand. Having the best version of a multiplat did not matter at all when the Xbox One released, and the S, all the way until the X was released. From the day the X released, the only thing that matters is having the better multiplat version. Cost not an issue since it costs more than the rival console. Cost however is all that matters when it compares to PC, because in that case having the ultimate version of a game is irrelevant because of cost. Understood. Sound logic
  7. Making a bet if it will or will not happen...... Sounds like it's not official.
  8. You need to learn the definition of 'official'. Hopefully happens and most likely will, but not official yet.
  9. RE7 - Godly game. State of Decay 2 - The gameplay loop already starting to wear a little thin but I want tot play more to encounter more human survivor scenarioes Sea of Thieves - Literally turned it off after 15 min. Not in the mood for whatever the shit that was.
  10. yeah, no. Pugb is a bore compared to Fornite. You can go a solid 10-20min without even encountering a single player. Most of the time is spent just waiting to get to later stages. Epic Games have supported Fortnite unlike any game I have seen. Constant new modes weekly, weekly map updates, never ending gameplay balancing and fixes, new weapons and items and so on.
  11. Yous played very well though and there was numerous great signs and like you said at least you got the winner. Will be a big boost in confidence because many times that late winner never came for England. Beat Panama and yous have progressed for now.