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  1. 2017 NFL Thread

    what a violent mnf game
  2. why don't devs ever target 45 fps? or any even amount of fps for that matter, i.e. 38 fps.
  3. fucking trash. can't believe people play this on any platform.
  4. RUMOR: Nintendo Direct January 18

    bruh it just got two what's considered to be the greatest games of all time in the last 7 months
  5. RUMOR: Nintendo Direct January 18

  6. Xenoblade 2 -7 at GS; 8.5 at IGN

    meh, got a 7 at GS. Wasn't the hugest fan of this series, tbh.
  7. Phone Wars

    so samsung's ceo apparently guaranteed that the s9 will have a under the screen finger print scanner, but all reports indicate that they can't get it to work any truth to this @Goukosan
  8. Bitcoin has passed the $10,000 mark

    it's only worth 10k if someone is willing to give you 10k for it
  9. better than expected tbh
  10. Phone Wars

    6 million iphone x's sold over black friday alone. jesus
  11. The Official Fitness Thread

    your body recognizes 3 things, protein, fat and carbs. thats it. no such thing as a diet. just eat the amount of calories that you need to obtain your goal. some carbs are better htan others, sure, but it's still carbs. i try to limit all bread and soda and the lbs shed like no other when i am cutting. but i could do that eating mcdonalds every meal if i wanted to, i would just have to chose the right items
  12. System Wars Survivor Series

    Just give me the belt
  13. Hitman just raped the cows

    totally thought this would be about hitman47, anyone remember that nutcase