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    You mean the pages where I raped you and reportedly said it doesn't matter if you use snapchat or not because i'm simply pointing out how ios gets updates first? that the arguement u referring to?

    LOL wtf? Bro - you look weird AF. This had nothing to do with you, I was just curious as to what most people use on SW. The butt hurt spreading from topic to topic is noticed though. This fool thinks snapchat is the only major app to get updates on ios first. shit, half of googles apps get updated on ios first
  3. No - your opinion on if an app is good is. The fact that iOS gets updates first, well, nothing to debate there.

    IG is worth it for the memes alone.

    App of choice? I use a blend of them all. If I had to rank, I'd say... Instagram Snapchat Twitter only unless i get a notification: facebook
  6. No. That is completely subjective. It depends who you ask. My point is that iOS simply has better app support, and you agree. Nothing else to talk about, really.
  7. http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/02/21/super-mario-odyssey-balloon-world-update-out-this-week-according-to-nintendo-website Would be $9.99 on PS or X-Box.
  8. No one is outraged because no one is playing it.
  9. I’m talking about iOS receiving updates before Android. And you agreed. We really don’t have an argument here anymore.
  10. Snapchat is regularly a top 5 download in both iOS and Google Play. It's a significant factor, whether you like it or not. In fact - you claimed Android was for young people, so wouldn't they especially care about this? I'm glad you're not arguing me anymore when it comes to iOS app support being better than Android. We can move on, if you like. We can call this one a draw, considering it appears you don't disagree with me.
  11. "At the end of the day, Android users will have the same app" Except well, at the end of the day, Android usually DOESN'T have the same update. Maybe weeks later, though. So you're really doubling down on the Mate 10 getting that Netflix update, eh? Guess we will find out by the end of March. (I know you didn't agree to the bet, obvious reasons, but you better believe I will be bringing it up as you claimed it was just a few mere weeks away.) Also - more people care about receiving quality app updates on time than torrenting on a fucking phone. Considering 1million + people signed that snpchat petition, i'd say there are A LOT of people who care.
  12. Holy shit you are retarded, lmao. Clearly you have no idea what the phrase backtrack means. Anyway - guess you want to stand by them. We will see when Mate 10 receives that update, lmao. And well, we know you aren't using face rec & iris scanner together on your pretend Note 8.
  13. So you're back tracking now on old statements? Want to take back Mate 10 getting HD support for netflix in a few weeks? Want to take back you claiming you are using a Iris Scanner and Face Recognition at the same time, too? This is your chance Jerry, if you want to take these statements back like you are doing with your App support claim, I won't ever bring them up again and we can start from scratch.
  14. I claimed iOS gets better app support. You literally just confirmed that by saying iOS gets updates a few weeks before Android. Thank you