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  1. It was alright... I only put in about 15 hours and most of that was playing around. I think it's just the physics. Thing is too is that I bought the DLC and never touched it.
  2. Grand Theft Auto IV... still haven't beaten it. Literally the worst Grand Theft Auto and I love that series. I should go back and finish it.
  3. You're right though, I have not even opened the game up yet. I did clean out my Pro though and replaced the terrible factory TIM after FCC told Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to go fuck themselves regarding the void warranty sticker. I think only Sony and Nintendo updated their TOS for that, haven't heard anything about Microsoft doing the same.
  4. That's a cute assumption. Where does it say Sony wouldn't let them retain the rights, though?
  5. Where does it say Sony wouldn't let them retain the rights?
  6. State of Decay series. Resistance: Fall of Man - MC: 86 Resistance 2 - MC: 87 Resistance 3 - MC: 83 State of Decay - MC: 72 State of Decay 2 - MC: 70
  7. Xbox One sales were declining from to 2015 to 2017, but only the increase from 2017 to 2018 matters... and it has NOTHING to do with Xbox One X's recent hardware launch.
  8. Remember when you hated Insomniac Games, but when they were forced into making this game you loved them suddenly?