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  1. Herbs

    Went to the spring fair and ate a giant turkey leg and went on carnival rides while insanely high with my girlfriend. Happy 420!
  2. Herbs

    I thinks it’s awesome. Only like 2-3 hits of the pen and you’re all set. Plus I can buy a $50 1g cartridge that’ll last me two to two and half weeks.
  3. Herbs

    Most of the vape cartridges I buy are around 93% thc
  4. It seems like it’s mostly just set pieces with little bits between which I’m ok with.
  5. Herbs

    I’ve never liked edibles. They just never seem to do the trick for me. One dab though and I’m in the stratosphere.
  6. But the lems said it’s a button masher
  7. Herbs

    I pay at most $50g for the cartridges. Living in a legal state the prices are pretty good since the supply is high. You can usually get an 1/8 of flower for like $25-35 dollars. Washington state is a pretty amazing place to live.
  8. I’ll be playing much later than everyone else but still excited.
  9. NBA thread

    Apart from the one OT Celtics-Bucks games this first round has been terribly uninteresting.
  10. Herbs

    I had some pineapple super silver haze which is just incredible. I’m loving the vape cartridge. It’s seriously the only way I smoke anymore. Do you live where it’s legal?
  11. If you haven’t yet, watch Atlanta it’s ridiculously good.
  12. NBA thread

    I like the team chemistry. They were balling out after the all-star break with the best record and highest scoring team. The injuries just killed them at the end. Walton is a good coach and I can see them competing soon for a playoff spot next year if they can stay healthy.