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  1. Yeah, sounds like a tablet is a good fit. Maybe a Chromebook if you want the laptop design and a physical keyboard.
  2. I love it. I'm not the biggest rogue-like fan, but I'll try the ones that get a lot of critical acclaim to have fun with a few hours before moving on. Wizards of Legend is the first one since Rogue Legacy that I genuinely love.
  3. I found it pretty boring. Wizards of Legend, though.
  4. lmao so out of 300,000 items they got from the Cohen raid, only 161 of them were deem privileged and only 8 of those were with a legal client. He fucked.
  5. A non-legendary skin and $5 worth of v-bucks. Wow, what a bundle.
  6. How? How is he single-handedly going to prevent the fascist takeover by the left? Is it just to occupy the role of president for 4-8 years so a fascist lefty can't? Is the next GOP candidate just as important then? Or is Trump introducing checks and balances to prevent it so even when the next Democrat president takes over they can't ruin the country by catering to SJWs? If so, what? Executive orders? Easily repealed. Legislation? I haven't seen any yet and congress is a shit show, so I wouldn't put much hope there for the future. Sexual abuse accusations ended careers long before the SJW movement. And I agree, mere allegations shouldn't be enough to get people shit canned. Sexual abuse is always going to be difficult because of the he said/she said nature of most cases and I don't have a solution to distributing justice. I do find it odd that you didn't seem to have a problem with gays getting fired, though. At least not one that needed to be addressed. Why is this injustice different?
  7. Re-read what I wrote. I said the indie devs on Switch already have the engine ported over by the engine creators. Epic and Unity did the work themselves and provide a platform agnostic API, while last gen ports would have to be done by the porting team. It doesn't have to be the engine creators, you're right, but I never said it did. Didn't say that either. All I've said was that using the experiences of indie devs isn't representative of the work involved to port last gen titles. Is it impossible? No, of course not. Is it a massive undertaking? I guess that would depend on the game, but generally no. Is it more work than you're giving it credit for? Yes, absolutely.
  8. So SJWs don't have any power, but Trump was a necessary evil to get rid of them? Anyway, to reword it to get back to the point: Hilary Clinton isn't a SJW enabler because she was anti-gay marriage at one point.
  9. Let's try this one more time. You said: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, etc. are not indie games and don't have the work required to port them largely done by the engine creator, so using the experiences of indie devs porting to the Switch and ascribing the process as 'piss easy' as a result is silly. It's logically flawed for the reasons I've already went over. That's it. I don't care about arguing about whether they should or could port games to the Switch because that's obvious and if that's all you want to discuss, go ahead but that's not what I'm talking about. You said something silly and I'm just pointing it out.
  10. I agree 100%. Picking up the grey one was such an easy decision. It's just weird that the neon SKU is the #1 selling SKU, but Switch is not the #1 selling platform. Like I know it's because there's 3 official SKUs for the PS4 (slim, pro, GoW bundle) and a handful of discontinued SKUs out there still on shelves still, but I wouldn't have guessed people were picking up the neon Switch over the grey Switch to such a degree that allowed that to happen. I would have expected like a 40/60 split or something, but it seems much more lopsided than that and I'm just curious what it is. Grey power.
  11. But I thought Democrats were ushering in the SJW apocalypse?
  12. What is the ratio on Neon Red/Blue Switchs vs. Grey ones? Has there ever been data to figure that out?
  13. Hilary Clinton isn't a SJW because she was anti-gay marriage at one point.