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  2. I never said it was cancelled, nor did I ever imply I was working off of insider information that unequivocally proved the thing would never see the light of day. What kind of retarded logic is this? Not just videos. No information of any kind. If this game ever sees the light of day it won't be in 2018 and it'll be after they completely scrap what they were working with.
  3. There's still promo vids up for the cancelled Brothers in Arms game. What game got cancelled and had it's promo vids taken down that led to you to this conclusion?
  4. Doubt anyone cares, but you can pick up the MegaDrive & Genesis collection on PC for $11: https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/sega-megadrive-and-genesis-classics-bundle It's getting a free upgrade to this new version that just got announced, so you can basically buy that for $11 and get some extra games that aren't included.
  5. This thing is vaporware. Haven't heard anything about it since that E3 video and the bottom has completely fallen out of the toys-to-life genre.
  6. I've beaten the C-sides and gotten a few golden strawberries from the regular levels and C-sides. I'm not even going to try getting the golden strawberries on the B-sides, though. That requires playing perfect on some ridiculously difficult shit for way too long and if I ever got close and died to an unintended input I'd probably hurl my Switch at a wall. I'll definitely buy it on PC in a couple months when I don't have huge chunks of the game imprinted in my head from all the deaths and then enjoy the GOTY all over again.
  7. In a game like Celeste it's a nightmare. The D-pad is complete garbage and the analog stick is a glorified nub, with all the lack of precision that comes with it. There's a number of levels where the joycons are just as big of a hurdle as any of the obstacles. I doubt it will be anywhere near as big of a problem in a 3D game that doesn't require the rapid precision of a 2D platformer, but the joycons are still uncomfortable and cheap, and the left analog stick is still mediocre even if not frustratingly bad.
  8. Meh, I've seen all that before. I think he's the lord of light or, through some timeline fuckery involving multiple Brandon Starks, both.
  9. Played Celeste with the joycons and I'll never play a demanding game on them again.
  10. You spoiling shit or theorizing? I'm not sure if shit leaked or not.