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  1. From jumping cliffs and defeating gods to teaching an orphan tomboy how to fight. TCHBFR
  2. Nope. Xbox has plenty of great games.
  3. That Xbox hatred is so high. Game will score high because of the ps bias rather than the game itself.
  4. Privatize the police force and send those obese fucks on a powertrip to work at McDonalds.
  5. It's not ugly but very boring. That 4k update came too late.
  6. The first one had a promising idea but terrible execution. Then, just like The Division 2, NOBODY asked for a sequel. Instead of using resources to make BG&E 2, they do this shit.
  7. So the first one was bland, while this one is stupid.
  8. We need girls in this place. Somebody call Xelle back to this shithole.
  9. Why don't you two go get a room and suck each other.
  10. Black Cocks 4 will have a MW2 sp and br mode as the only version with sp. It will probably be some legacy edition shit and retail for $80. Cows love to get raped.