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  1. so is GGXRD Revelator 2 the version I should buy or what

    Japanese filth j/k Sol Badguy
  2. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition GS & IGN reviews - 9

    Lmfao isnt this the game that came without content exclusively for the shitstation?
  3. Post your drinking habits

    I don't drink that much anymore. Drinking alcohol is for weaklings
  4. Nintendo in talks with major corporation for VR solution

    Nintendo could try to sell the Virtual Boy again for $500, same specs from 1990 and the dumb scum sheep will still buy it.
  5. Sony has the sales but the console itself is shit. The One has the power and best multiplatforms. Switch is just hot shit.
  6. All that I care about is that TCHBFR
  7. Ask the sheep. They have plenty of experience having fun with sales and monthly trade value fluctuation.
  8. Dont worry, you'll go back to not caring about sales soon. Knowing Nintendo, they will fuck up again and you sheep will be singing a different tune, you flip flopping pieces of shit.
  9. Sheep were stock traders and sales analysts last gen. Really, can your scum faction ever stop owning themselves?
  10. That's because that's the only game out there for the Switch. Game starved faction.
  11. Rumr: Nintendo not done with January announcements

    Thats because you really dont have a choice. Years of talking shit about the psp and then Nintendo fucks you over with the 3ds and then the Switch. You have no choice but to bend over and take it because we all know the sheep love to get rammed by Nintendo.
  12. Rumr: Nintendo not done with January announcements

    Uhmm no. The PSP was bashed by the sheep because it was getting the console treatment on the go. Meanwhile sheep tried their hardest to enjoy trash like Wario DS, Mario Pinball and Feel the Magic. Man, you sheep are lying scum. At least the cows stood by their love of getting milked and the lems with their desire for power and game cycles. But the sheep are flip flopping trash.