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  1. Sony hyped that piece of shit as the PS4K, then when the analysis started coming about that thing not being to run 4k games with those specs, then they backed down. They went from 4k to "Pro". Then a month later when the remastered copies were still not at 4k, they changed it to "dynamic 4k". FFS, that thing can't even play ultrahd blurays.
  2. We all know GT Shit is well...shit.
  3. Digital Foundry - Skyrim Switch

    lmfao. I remember when the sheep rejected console ports.
  4. Sony fucking over indie games

    That's what you had the first two years of the pos4.
  5. My Forza 7 impressions

    Rio looks awesome as well. That shot of the favelas right after the tunnel.
  6. ACG tells it how it is on Doom Switch

    Sheep are disgusting
  7. My Forza 7 impressions

    Woah, this game looks really clear. I thought Forza 6 looked better at first but then I played it and looked dirtier and overall less detailed. Forza 7 is the cleanest looking game I've ever played. Lighting is superb. HDR dramatically improves this game.
  8. Rime Switch is terrible

    That guy fits the Nintendo fanboy creep pretty well. -Neckbeard check -Nintendo posters check -Nintendo shirt check -Rapist face check
  9. Just got Forza 7 and Gears 4.

    Same one.
  10. Just got Forza 7 and Gears 4.

    Ok GD. I will be able to play tonight since the patch was already downloaded.
  11. lmfao paying $60 for something that should be free.
  12. Rocket League Switch

    Handheld mode doesn't look that bad, but after 3 hours, you'll have to dock it and holy shit
  13. Just got Forza 7 and Gears 4.

    Wish I could guys. It's downloading the 60 gig patch.
  14. Just got Forza 7 and Gears 4.

    Is it really that bad? I got it for Horde Mode and see another game in 4k hdr.