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  1. My name's James...

    Lebron James' Beard is big. ohhhh block on igoudala! ohhh lebron commercial! ohhhh steph commercial! make it old. or make it new. Happy new year.
  2. I feel like that's a euphemism for something.
  3. This is a really tough question.
  4. I'm eating people now

    Is girl meat softer than boy meat. Err Imma adult now so. Is woman meat softer than man meat? ahahaha... man meat..
  5. Happy New Year!

    WOoooo we so old.
  6. 2017 is around the corner.

    i eat turtles.
  7. This hungarian guy was shaving and i asked him to shave a hitler stache and then he looked nervously at our polish roomate. I think it's okay though. But he shaved it. :hitler:
  8. ah.. calling him liquid pimp.... brings back time.
  9. you look silly. But maybe it's jus your face.
  10. yea yea no shaving deoderant nose hair trimmin
  11. ppl too serious here. shawty got low low low low low low low lowww.
  12. I was just at a foldy chair recently. Maybe it was the same one as yours.