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  1. Wait it’s coming to Netflix?
  2. One of the best OSTs too 6:10 in

    i rather use kik. i have a lot of friends who use it, since we can post fucked up memes and we don't have to worry about censorship. plus live video chats can get pretty wild

    none. i just deleted facebook a week ago. i got rid of IG last year. i hate snapchat.
  5. no it doesn't lol. the aiming is important, especially during areas that mix platforming and combat.
  6. i'll get doom once it's $20. i heard it's great with the motion controls.
  7. exactly. i didn't like the motion controls in splatoon, at first, but then it became essential. it makes other console shooters feel sluggish.
  8. I have monster hands, yet I have no issue with the switch in portable mode. Hell, I have yet to take the dock out of the box.
  9. All game systems are “kids toys” if you really think about it.
  10. Go to the Gatlinburg strip and the Smoky mountains. Very nice!