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  1. I don't remember. I know I found the length to be great, though. Some of the puzzles were pretty challenging.
  2. It's one of my favorite titles this gen.
  3. Finished Mario Rabbids. What an epic final boss. Now onto unlocking all of the secrets
  4. So I'm going to be a godfather

    i'll make you an offer you can't refuse.
  5. and when someone doesn't have a proper retort, they resort to insults. manchild 4 life <3
  6. I have never touched a 3DS or Vita

    and that's great. best late than never ;) i played them when they launched....on handhelds. the third danganronpa is the only one that will have a simultaneous release.
  7. I have never touched a 3DS or Vita

    the danganronpa trilogy also 999 trilogy, even with the weak ending.
  8. yeah, i play mine at the office all the time, especially when i'm waiting for graphics to render, or for video to feed in. i practically live at the office. so i hear ya brotha! and i'm married...so there's no correlation between playing handheld games and being single.
  9. that game is incredible! i'm glad you are taking your time with it. it's quite long and very easy to burn out on.
  10. DF Retro: Doom - Every Console Port Tested!

    yeah, i think both consoles had amazing titles.
  11. SS closing

    i'm just glad that we got some peeps here who actually like talking about games.
  12. SS closing

  13. DF Retro: Doom - Every Console Port Tested!

    doom was great on pc. i never cared for the console versions.
  14. SS closing