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  1. Beat the game. Awesome ending! and yeah, remij. I got chills during that part my score: 9.25 I’ll post why I didn’t give it a 10, in a longer review. A few minor, subjective things.
  2. I did some, but then got too into the campaign. Crazy shit!
  3. I’m at the end of GoW! This has been an epic ride!
  4. No clue. It looked like a 360 title too
  5. Right? I gave legit reasons too.
  6. It’s disgusting looking
  7. Bodycount, why don’t you post a pic proving you beat it? Or that you are, at least, far enough into it to give it a review... a simple pic of your level stats and your middle finger will do
  8. Lemmings resorting to financial insults. classic
  9. Too cold lol. If I could handle snow, I’d move to Boston.
  10. I have considered LA. However, the earthquakes and fires freak out my wife.
  11. Yeah, it sucks here. I got offers to work in Boston, New York and Chicago...but no thanks (too cold). I would like to move to Vegas, but it’s not a major tv market.