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  1. your argument is that sales determines if it's a good game or not?
  2. FYI Bayonetta 1 is currently the best selling game on the EShop.. it counts the download that comes with the Bayonetta 2 retail release + people who purchase a digital version of Bayonetta 1 digitally. and number 2 on the eShop is currently, Bayonetta 2.
  3. Bayonetta 3 is happening that's all that matters at this point
  4. You guys are discussing what the NPD guys post meant. I chimed in and said... "no it doesn't mean that because he went on to say point A and Point B" How the hell did you get from what I said meant I was talking about Aza? lol
  5. I'm referring to the NPD guy on reset era and what you're saying it "suggests" Do you have trouble keeping up in conversations?
  6. No it doesn't imply that. now you're putting words in his mouth. He also went on to say. 1) Switch is tracking ahead of every other system all time. 2) Switch appeal as a play your games anywhere is what is driving sales.
  7. the 3% revenue gap is between PS4 and the last seller. You assume that's switch based on your response.
  8. Given the data we have, Switch number 1 and PS4 having the highest share the probability of PS4 outselling Xbox1 this month is higher than Xbox1 outselling PS4 =/= an absolute. Same question for you.
  9. Now, you're saying im the one talking in absolutes? lol
  10. Ghostz this was a very transparent attempt to bolster your point about social media. The age group and the gender of the members of this board aren't the snapchat demographic as you can see by the poll results so far.
  11. Here's the overall point that was lost in this discussion that I brought up earlier. When you present your projections you present it AS THE ABSOLUTE ONLY RESULT THAT IS POSSIBLE AND NOTHING ELSE WORKS BECAUSE MY PROJECTIONS ARE INFALLIBLE. Instead of presenting it like, "this maybe possible and I think it may happen". You instead say "nothing else is possible" Remember when you said it was impossible!!! for Switch to outsell Xbox1 or PS4 post holiday etc? What happened to that? Oh yea Switch is outselling them. Remember when you said the Switch would stop selling because portability is a non factor? and now January comes around and NPD says that Switch's portability factor is driving sales. My DMP Math is infallible guys
  12. All that was based on you thinking Xbox had the highest share for Dec, which was wrong. XBOX1 had the highest share In November and ended up 2nd that month in a 3 horse race. Switch had the highest share in Dec and ended up first. Let me ask you again, when has the 2nd cheapest console have the highest revenue share but end up the least selling?
  13. That's not the same type of implementation numb nuts lol Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  14. At the time you did your calculations and created the thread we didn't have the unit numbers for Dec as yet numb nuts. You projected those numbers out your Ass and your projections ended up being 100% wrong. That's why your thread backfired. Point is, when you assumed Xbox1 had the highest share you thought it sold the most. This month PS4 has the highest share, you think it sold the least. Funny how that works. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk