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  1. Official Politics Thread.

    Have a reason to be happy this thanksgiving.
  2. Speaking of Native American rape.........Wind River is a pretty good movie. Taylor Sheridan is quickly becoming the leading filmmaker of movies that are similar to No Country for Old Men. Gritty american thrillers that occur out in rural America. People should rent Wind River.
  3. Yeah, this game is going to be sweet by mid-2018. I will definitely buy it. And if they get to the point where a major car and track expansion requires a DLC add-on cost, I'd rather pay $20 a year for those add-ons rather than paying another $60 bucks for another game disc. You can't treat racing games like as if they were Madden games.
  4. Isn't this the same rumor that has existed for like over a month now?
  5. DF tests Xenhanced 360 games .

    Digital Foundry has had the Xbox One X hardware for about a full month now. How come they haven't done a "Complete Tech Analysis" video of Forza 7 running on Xbox One X? They've done it for GoW4, FIFA18, Titanfall 2, Sonic Forces, Diablo 3, AssCreed Origins, Halo 5, FF15, Battlefront 2, and Wolfenstein 2. But not the game that Microsoft had exclusively allowed Digital Foundry to demo the new hardware for most of this year?????
  6. Wait a minute, did the X360 ever get Deadly Premonition's Directors Cut?
  7. VR is so amazing. Skyrim VR review.

    Too bad that VR isn't an open programmable platform, because I would like the PSVR to be compatible with PC games. So I could buy the headset and shitty camera and just use it sitting down in front of my desk and boot-up Skyrim from Steam. If they can get Playstation controllers to be compatible with PC games, maybe they can do something that helps PSVR work with PC games. Its either that, or Vive and Oculus race to see who can get a VR headset to as close as $200-$300 as possible.
  8. Bethesda and Ubisoft games eventually play best on PC, and I'll eventually find them for lower prices on PC. In fact i think cdkeys.com is selling Wolfenstein 2 (base version) at $28 right now, and it might have gotten as low as $25 right before launch. AssCreed will eventually be on there, as well. And depending on how they patch TEW2, if they fix it on PC I'd get it there as well, or else it would be a perfect Redbox rental on the PS4pro. Hell, a year from now it may be very low price in a PS+ member sale.
  9. I used to ADORE Need for Speed Hot Pursuit on the PS1. I thought it was the classiest game on there. Went back and saw footage of a race on youtube. I literally laughed in surprise at how it looked like. The CD audio made the game feel more real back at the time. And interlaced televisions helped a bit, as well.
  10. TIME releases it's 10 Best Gadgets of 2017

    Cell phone companies charge you a monthly fee for providing service to your iPhone Watch? Is that true? Like $15/month or something like that? If T-mobile included the iPhone X in their BOGO sale this weekend, I would've seriously entertained the idea of going back to iPhone, but this Note 8 is possibly the easiest thing to transfer to, coming from my Note 5. Looks boos, too.
  11. They still sell PS One classics on PSN. From what I can tell those are meant to work with the PS3 hardware. So, that's possibly with a software emulator. But, we are talking about a software library that isn't really that hot. That is some shitty ass looking 3D games. No amount of AA and upscaling is going to fix those warped-ass 3D models simply because of how the PS1 generated 3D environments. Maybe the 2D games transfer well. The PS2 games look like MAYBE you could clean those up and have them be decent looking.
  12. Or there are plenty of people who aren't interested in buying a PS4. And just want a nice slim product that will last for a long time. Its a moot point, because the biggest library is the PS2 library, so you can't even try emulating that through software, its going to require physical hardware, and those processors can already do PS1 emulative natively. And save on storage costs, because you will need a hard drive when trying to run it in software emulation. And, once again, a selling point for this device would be Sony telling consumers "YOUR OLD discs will work on this".
  13. in a thread in which I'm talking about a playstation console. you REALLY don't know how to respond, do you? welp, looks like someone got caught lying in a pathetic attempt to try and find a punchline. lol
  14. that is ironic............in that it has nothing to do with anything being discussed here. LOL
  15. LOL, poor jonb saw that his new dingleberry ride has failed, so he's trying to help him out.