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  1. I like how he is still running away, uet trying to mimic me as well. Yup he's done. The moment he TRIED.....TRIED to make an argument about Snapchat being important, he got crushed. So what is he to do.......RUN, run to his safe space and pretend that he "wasn't talking 'bout that stuff." lol
  2. And he ran away again folks. It's good to see that he seems like he can't argue against my claims. And its obvious that HIS OWN POLL ended up helping my point of view than his. Yup, he's done here. He's currently stuck in the try-to-play-it-cool loop, because he knows he can't do much else.
  3. Take a good look at the backtrack, folks. No longer wants to talk about his determination of what is "subjective". And like I said OVER A MONTH AGO ,these small feature updates to these common apps are not remotely big things to boast about. You just got embarrassed in a thread in which grown smartphone users are not heavy social app users at all, and none of these feature updates arriving on iOS slightly ahead of the Android is a dealmaker or deal breaker. You know it.....now you are in full retreat saying "all I was saying is that iOS updates come first, that's all."
  4. I was never going to switch to the Active, because that should have a better resale value since its not as widely available and appeals to those industrial users. I am always using my Note 8
  5. Aaaaaaand hero just got caught running away, again. No longer wants to respond to what I said and what was supposedly subjective. As expected.
  6. Your opinion as to whether that is a big deal is what you just declared as subjective. I never talked about whether an app is 'good" I talked about whether an update to an app that is not far apart is remotely important at all. Nice to see that I caught you trying to CHANGE the nature of the argument. Didn't work.
  7. You know, part of me is embarassed that these high school kids are doing more to move the needle on this issue than the previous 10-20 years of battles regarding gun control. basically, they need to use the same tactics as the Pro-Life people and show dead white kids laying on the floor of a public school, their bodies torn to threads. Their smartphones may very well be the thing that the NRA cannot stop. These kids need to record the violence, and just start flooding all of it online, through all social media. Even more effect than the video was the sound in the video.
  8. Robert Mueller went and buried Paul Manafort with an additional 32 "superseding" indictments on top of the other stuff he's indicted him with. Manafort's side man, Rick Gates, ended up dumping his lawyers who had been initially paid by Manafort and was going to speak to Mueller last week, and now this week Mueller comes up with a whole bunch of charges of Bank Fraud and Tax Fraud saying that he's discovered an additional $30 million dollars that Paul Manafort was trying to stash away from the American government. Hmmmm, i wonder where Mueller was able to discover that information?
  9. Ah, so you are saying that most guys playing video games were putt off by a giant, tall woman. And they prefer to play games where they control 14 year old girls in skirts. Well.............you're probably not wrong.

    No, the one in which you pretend that you discovered some major revelation about apps coming out "weeks" ahead is some major victory for you. Even though I discussed it over a month ago. And then you ran away here because I was making fun of you hyping Snapchat. believe........the one who is spilling out of the Phone thread to make themselves feel better is the one who probably got raped. LOL

    LOL now he's trying to recoil because I pointed it out. You can look at the last couple of pages in the Phone thread, to see for yourselves. "I was jus askin' about social media, bro. Jus' curious!"

    and its the second time this week that ghost's butthurt from my slaqpping him around the Phone thread has spilled into another thread. The entire reason he is posting this poll and asking people what social media they use is because he tried to boast about iPhone getting a Snapchat feature update a few weeks before the Android version. And I laughed at him because he is trying to hype up snapchat as something really big for smartphone users, and I said its for teenagers. And so he created this thread. Aaaaaaaand let's take a current look at the poll, there.
  13. He didn't just say that. He also said that video games should have a rating system of some sort: This is usually the part where these too-embarassed-to-call-themselves-right-wingers-but-pretty-much-behave-and-talk-like-obvious-right-wingers use the ole "that's just harmless talk" strategy to dismiss this.
  14. Dynocrap needs to write dissertations on this new method of analysis. Schrodinger's NPD numbers.