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  1. Ok, I've thought about this, and this is the goal post I'm setting. Lebron beating the GSW in 2016 was absolutely amazing, truly on the level of Jordan's greatest playoff performances. If Lebron can do that TWO more times, beat a completely stacked Western Conference team with him carrying a no-special Cavs team and win a championship AND if Lebron plays long enough to get to 40,000 career points; then I am ready to declare him to be better than Jordan. If he can do that, I think he does surpass Jordan. He's about 60% of the way there in accomplishing all of that.
  2. he doesn't know how to respond...….and was too scared to reply back to me. LOL. this guy just admitted he's been waiting for 13 hours. I can't believe he just did that to himself.
  3. Is this the way the NBA is now? There were 2 minutes left in the Celtics season, everything on the line...…...and they chunking 3-point attempts like its going out of style. Wow, there is no way that would be happening in a NBA Playoff elimination game 10 years ago, or 5 years ago. I remember my 2006 Dallas Mavericks being called soft for doing that type of shit.
  4. LOL...……you can tell that he got more and more pissed with each of his posts.
  5. LOL, he's trying to piece together any putdown using anything he can.
  6. Nice attempt at a topic change. I am observing your meltdown posts. LOL
  7. vini doing a juggling act as a litany of Jordan Peterson's positions and vini's celebration of JP positions have been getting dismantled throughout this entire past week. Its funny how he really started this thread as a personal boast. Its was rather straightforward. He likes this Incel figurehead "crushing liberal feminists" . And once we started going into detail, he started walking back on almost every single point. Almost every single person who "discussed" Jordan Peterson with vini……….was never convinced by anything Vini said at any point in this thread. So, overall, a real winner.
  8. a bad faith debater would do things like purposely mislead other people's words by LEAVING OUT important parts of what they said. SO you are right...…...leave that shit elsewhere, it'll make things much easier for you.
  9. Its okay, you lost your nerve...…….in your own thread, no less.
  10. I used that "qualifier" because it was a logical thing to ask. Vini purposely ALTERED MY STATEMENT to sound more ridiculous. Why would I expect Jordan Peterson to answer EVERY QUESTION in an 8,000 post Reddit thread? That's seem unreasonable. Expecting Jordan Peterson to answer THE MOST UPVOTED QUESTIONS in an 8,000 post Reddit thread...……….IS reasonable. Vini purposely altered my statement to make it seemed like I typed an UNREASONABLE post...…...as a way of him to get out of this. I expect you to not respond to that...…...Thank you.
  11. LOL Vini erased what he typed. Hoping I wouldn't notice, and trying to play it cool with a smiley, instead. Actually...…..the smiley is the better way to go than what you typed. Good call, there.
  12. LOL, now he's entering into The Loop, just like Ghost. I wonder if he realizes just how much I enjoy that people end up typing like Ghost.
  13. Nope. Thanks for trying to sweep that one under...……….not gonna work. Not even close.
  14. Would you look at that...………..people purposely leaving out information to mis-represent somebody. …………...in a Jordan Peterson thread, what a surprise.
  15. Already did, with listing the silence from Trump and head US officials, along with Moon's actions. Good to see that you don't have a response. Thanks for playing.