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  1. Hdr is legit

    Stop talking out your ass I've had an HDR TV since last summer I started playing as soon as I got the pro
  2. Hdr is legit

    lol Jon's delusional
  3. Hdr is legit

    UC4, Deus Ex, Infamous, Hitman, TLOU, Ratchet and Clank bitch please.
  4. Hdr is legit

    Welcome to 2016 Jonbone
  5. Phone Wars

    A few things for Note owners that I learned from the short time I had a Note 7 last year. Download BK disabler app and let it automatically kill all the Bloatware. Also kill Bixby and everything associated with that horrible Siri bullshit. Fuck you Samsung for having a voice assistant button on your phone, you cunts The pen has a lot more uses than most people think Download the Samsung Shop app and you can get a free 128gb memory card and wireless charger. And then kill that shitty app too Change the default resolution in settings to max if you want better quality screen, it shortens battery life slightly but I prefer highest res
  6. Phone Wars

    Keep the Note. For real though after you own it for a few days you realize there's nothing better out there.
  7. Justice League

    Anyone saw it? I thought it sucked and all over the place. Too many Marvel type jokes and winks at the audience, you could tell Whedon was brought in to lighten it up. I wanna to see the Snyder cut I hope one day they'll release it
  8. Your only relevant franchise can't even score higher than GT 6.5 But let me get this straight they paid Gamespot to wait a month after release to give the game the same score as Forza? Your logic is rock solid.
  9. Assassin's Glitch Origins

    I started recording late but this thing got bigger every time I looked at it and it freaked me out lol Honestly other than the glitches this game is awesome so far it pretty much improves on every issue I've had with the series
  10. Who's the dirty sheep editing my posts lol
  11. PS4 SOTC TLOU 2 Death Stranding Spider-Man Gays Gone Gears of God of War Xbox One Crackdowngrade 3 .... PUBG: Beta ... Cuphead DLC Switch Xenoblade 2 Metroid Prime 4 Shin Megami Tensin V No More Heroes 3 Project Octopath Pokémon ..
  12. Deadpool 2 teaser

    Description on youtube:
  13. Official Politics Thread.

    I'm guessing a lot of people vote based on their temperament rather than being objectively informed.
  14. Face ID is already hacked

    "most advanced security" What a pos