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  1. Yea Legion is good shit
  2. End game of what? Getting rid of Trump and getting a far right Jesus freak into the White House?
  3. Lemmons posting fake spolers lmao
  4. Far Cry 5 lol

    I think they went out of their way not to offend Christians
  5. Movie of the year no doubt, Cable getting tea bagged lmao
  6. Winning what? Let me guess you're one of the deep state conspiracists.. Stop pretending to know shit Assad is a paranoid shitbag just like Putin and he will poison and cut down any opposition at the roots as soon as he has any Intel that there's talks against him among his population, the message he sends to his people is clear, don't question Assad or you and everyone you know will die in the most horrific way. It's textbook Stalin/Mao dictator shit, go read some history
  7. This is fucking stupid. Syria needed to be hit some of you people are either delusional, Russian or straight up malicious claiming that it wasn't justified. That red line that Obama failed to enforce needs to be enforced with violence if necessary, chemical weapons cannot be tolerated. We don't live in a fairy tale land you morons, America is the benevolent superpower the world desperately needs and when they gotta bomb some cuntbag psychopath dictator's land to show him not to torture his own people in the worst way possible that's what needs to be done. And if they got a confirmed ISIS stronghold then guess what bomb those shitbags straight to the stone age along with their neighbors for putting up with them. I've heard enough of this la la land hippy nonsense.
  8. Far Cry 5 lol

    When he runs out of ammo and starts zigzagging away Chillin in the current as someone empties a whole silenced clip at me BTW this game is gorgeous
  9. I knew you were a faggot as soon as you declared yourself smarter than most people. Go drop some more acid
  10. You shouldn't have bothered replying to begin with this is clearly above your head. You can't even hypothetically imagine a concious machine? People did that a century ago
  11. Yes it is, that's the whole point of the movie. Blade Runner depicts concious AI. Are you on a spectrum or something? Look up AGI. Artificial General Intelligence. I'm not talking about calculators dipstick.
  12. No you're just completely failing to imagine a sufficiently advanced AI. Go watch Blade Runner or something.
  13. I don't know if it's the same conciousness but again there's no known law of physics that limits conciousness to apes such as ourselves. In fact I think digital conciousness can and will most likely surpass us to the point that we might seem like shitty little ants compared to the spectrum of pleasure and suffering it could experience. Including subconscious experience like psychadelics.
  14. Interesting. The panpsuchysm idea is very interesting, I dont know enough about quantum superposition to understand the connection you're drawing, it would be fascinating if it all scales that way though. Seems like the hard problem at least the way some neuroscientists are defining it would be an ever moving goal post of "yea but how do you explain the experience".