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  1. Days Gone alternate E3 gameplay

    The official description says open world but I'm sure the missions and outposts are similar to Far Cry and Ass Creed where they're linear but offer multiple approaches.
  2. Days Gone alternate E3 gameplay

    They're showing one linear mission in an otherwise open world game
  3. You guys seen this one? I'm hyped for this could low key end up being a sleeper hit
  4. GDDR6 update (Next gen consoles)

    And yet all you have is multiplats with minimal texture upgrades. You just gave a cripple a faster wheelchair
  5. This game's music is pretty incredible I'll give you Sheep that
  6. It's a 360 controller with extra triggers. Comfortable for sure, but not worth the $100 mark up.
  7. Official Phone Wars Thread.

    I download 50gb 4k rips to my phone that I stream to my Samsung TV.
  8. Shadow of the Colussus a must play game?

    Damn that looks awesome can't wait to play this again
  9. Official Politics Thread.

    There were some assholes on the antifa side as well rioting and using violence, that's what he was referring to in a shitty non PR way. There was a point to make there, just not right after the incident. I'm pretty sure he also unequivocally condemned Nazis during the same conference, of course the left only focused on the former. Again, no smoking pistol here, just bad timing and tact.
  10. Official Politics Thread.

    Trump supporters aren't fueled by Trump they're fueled by a hate for SJW leftists. Same thing Brexit voters were fueled with. Trump just got lucky and rode that wave
  11. Official Politics Thread.

    I'm not trynna get into one of your asperger arguments This guy clearly talks a lot of shit with nothing to back up for it, ideologically or intellectually. All he knows is how to say what pleases his base and gets the most ratings, And I've read Hitler's writing too so what
  12. Official Politics Thread.

    This is all speculative nonsense you're gluing lines that don't even go together, this guy is a scatter brain no filter asshole but he's no white supremacist.
  13. Official Politics Thread.

    It's hilarious for me to watch liberals hold on to every word Trump says to find the smoking pistol of racism, sexism, white supremacy etc.. When in reality he's basically a shit talking businessman from New York with an intellect of your average taxi driver. Thinking this man is capable of hanging on to an ideology like white supremacy is hilarious. Even Steve Bannon one of the smartest most conniving racists in this country wasn't able to beat that shit into him.
  14. Official Phone Wars Thread.

    The equivalent of this isn't Note 2. That phone's 6 years old. If I bought a 2-4 yr old Android device first thing I would do is update it, and I wouldn't expect the manufacturer to intentionally slow down the phone to "conserve battery" or whatever. The whole thing smells like PR bullshit anyway I would bet on them using the battery as an excuse to persuade people into buying a new phone. Either way I'd much rather have to replace my battery than have a slower phone over time. And the no one forces you to update excuse is a bunch of horseshit. I want my firmware on every device always up to date with the latest bug fixes and security patches, and I do not expect or want any software fuckery to slow my hardware down.
  15. Official Phone Wars Thread.

    Why the fuck would anyone in the right mind buy an old era iPhone right after Apple admitted to slowing older iPhones down?