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  1. Thanks man. I am all in on this treatment. no half measures anymore. I was on the verge of losing everything I ever cared about. With this help and support from loved ones I know I can do this. IT's been long overdue.
  2. Honestly man, consider quiting all together. I was clean for a good while. But I relapsed and now I'm not scared anymore. I'm on a list to go a great Rehab centre for 30 days. I want to Live again.
  3. First Crimson Head I encountered scared the shit outta me on REmake. I had no idea they could come back to life.
  4. How's it going?

    I don't care lol.
  5. I did not like MGS4 and MGS5 is ok. Series peaked at 3.
  6. How's it going?

    Cool man. This will be the only place ill come to talk to you guys anyways now.
  7. How's it going?

    I'm glad everyone is doing well. Also whoever asked for SK, I don't know lol. I deleted everyone from SW off of my Playstation, I dont go to Discord ever, and asked Cooke to delete all my past posts here. Not to mention all Social media. I'm trying to live a different life now, hard, but it's worth trying for. As for gaming related, I recently bought and played God of War and both recent Tomb Raider games. God of War was another level holy shit can not wait for the sequels. TR was alright, I never played them or any uncharted ever, and to be hoenst I don't really see the hype behind either franchise.
  8. So Aza has escalted to full blown murder now?
  9. How's it going?

    Just felt like coming back to hi. E3 is coming up, so i suspect its a bit more busy here?
  10. Been a while fellas. How is life going for everyone? Staying outta trouble I hope?