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  1. Post smilies you want added

    Pretty good Keeping busy with work, the woman, Friends and Family. I hope you're still purging whores on the street of Miami
  2. Post smilies you want added

    GD, my nigga.
  3. Wow IT is it!

    Don't worry GD ill be here If SS closes then this is where we all will end up :noway
  4. Sept Seventh, FFVII 20-year anniversary.

    One of the best in the series.
  5. Post smilies you want added

    Off topic. But can you get rid of the smilies under peoples names? It looks retarded, avatars work better alone. no need for the smilies.
  6. Wow IT is it!

    Going Saturday with my girlfriend. Can't wait
  7. how to make SW better

    Yes much better
  8. awwwww shit.

    Need better themes its to ugly right now.
  9. how to make SW better

    Better themes first and formost. I hate both themes right now. Something like our Orange and Black we used to use would be a good start.
  10. So who came over from Sidescrollers.net?

    Looks like we came full circle I still like using forums. Discord is dope as well. But someitmes we need a forum as well.
  11. I smell of Shark, as I bathe in waters with them, part of my godnadian powers in control over sea life