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  1. Justice League

    Superhero movies
  2. Saddest story of the week.

    Women always get off easy in the justice system. It's disgusting.
  3. The recent purchases thread

    Also Resident Evil 7
  4. The recent purchases thread

    Recent purcheses Evil Within 2 Nioh Cod WW2 South Park Fractured But Whole.
  5. God Dam Nintendo is back. Switch might be there best console since snes if they keep the pace going.
  6. Let's all return to our original names

    I never changed my name tbh
  7. Is anyone else excited for The Evil Within 2?

    My friend irl and I conneted our ps4s so i have evil within 1 and 2 now lmao
  8. Super Mario Odyssey comparison BEFORE/AFTER

    This game basically secured my eventualy purchase of a Switch.
  9. Witcher 3 PS4 Pro patch up screens

    check out the youtube channel "no clip" they just started a documentary on CD project red. They also have other mini Docs that are amazing.
  10. Polish Dude KOs Migrant in Germany

    Try to intimidate and fight people and end up KTFO.
  11. N64 classic

    If they improve the FPS on some games. yes.
  12. It's good to have SW back

    Damn the honest truth.... Feel good