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  1. You can tell the salt is real in this thread. What happens when cardboard wins out?
  2. It's not the forum's fault that Sea of Thieves has less content than your average mobile game.
  3. DNC is a private organization. They can literally hold a primary, ignore the results, and put up Bozo the clown as their candidate and it's 100% legal. Unethical, scummy, yes. Illegal? No. Hacking that private organization by an external entity to dig up dirt on them in the coming election is not legal. In fact it's exactly what happened with Watergate, but with electronic files instead of physical ones. EDIT: Also, defending Sinclair? Just come out of the Trump closet, already.
  4. Was the reason you said "not even 2 people on this site" because you and Deeno are the only ones trying to convince the rest of us that SoT is worth a shit?
  5. At least cardboard doesn't stink up the place.
  6. Cows more or less have the year wrapped up. Let's take a look at 2nd and 3rd place: So far we have Sea of Thieves on xbone. That puts xbone on par with Switch releases sitting currently at zero exclusives, each, for 2018. But Switch is about to get another one: Labo. Will Labo outscore Sea of Thieves at GS?
  7. EDIT: And while we're making fun of Slow Johnny, let's see if he knows what Deeno's currently playing. Certainly there's a collection of game titles SOMEWHERE that he can reference.
  8. The only games journalism I take seriously are let's play videos. The game typically speaks for itself.
  9. From what I've read, the game doesn't go far enough with its uber-religious Montana setting. I was hoping for something close to Red State in video game form.
  10. Whatever happened to the unibrow, anyway?
  11. This is a clever jab at how the only thing xbox has going for it are resolution comparisons. It's making fun of the fact that xbox has no exclusives. As a sheep, lems need to get over it. We've had three generations of people bitching about Nintendo systems by the press because of power or waggle. Quit being a bunch of whiny bitches about it and deal.
  12. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/democratic-party-files-lawsuit-alleging-russia-the-trump-campaign-and-wikileaks-conspired-to-disrupt-the-2016-campaign/2018/04/20/befe8364-4418-11e8-8569-26fda6b404c7_story.html?utm_term=.54f40fd8cf39 We in the end game, boys.
  13. Those numbers are after its first patch.
  14. But it's not about the reviews! Let's check the Twitch rankin.....oh: https://www.twitch.tv/directory 59th place at 1,210 viewers