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  1. Rumor mill is that some of these higher-profile Republicans quitting the party are doing so in anticipation of Cohen getting indicted. Cohen was the deputy finance chair for the RNC, so we're going to see where funding came from and who it went to, and it's all going to Republicans. Grab your popcorn.
  2. The more realistic style of PUBG is preferable to Fortnite, but then again Fortnite doesn't run like dog shit. Fortnite on Switch runs better than PUBG on 1X.
  3. It's the same as any other streaming service. It's not about getting you to pay when big games are released, it's about keeping your subscription through all the droughts, like right now, because you're too lazy to cancel it. Kinda like a gym membership. I think it'll be worth it when it's on Sony and Nintendo's systems.
  4. Deeno does this all the time. Start grillin' him about his racism and he'll flip a shit.
  5. Look at this baby back bitch grasp for straws. EDIT: Let's not forget that Vini is terrified of SJWs, but has yet to express any level of concern over the White House forcibly separating children from their parents and placing them in camps.
  6. It's only a rehash if you bought a Wii U. Wii U.
  7. I have. At first I was worried because usually I just get my ass kicked in ranked matches in any game, but I found that the game types in ranked are way more varied. I'm surprised they even have non-ranked modes, really.
  8. They had a game in development, but ultimately shelved it because it was too realistic. Turns out waiting for exclusives isn't any more exciting in a VR game than it is in real life.
  9. Vini's cool with children be forcibly separated from their parents and placed into concentration camps because he's uncomfortable with calling a tranny "she" or "her". Let's ask the real question: how much is Vini getting paid? Dude's so desperate to defend this shit-show, at this point we gotta assume he's on the take. Even ghostz hasn't made an appearance since the camps started up. What's your salary, bud?
  10. Bruh, publishers hire outside contractors and developers to port old games all the goddamned time. It's super common. Panic Button didn't make the DOOM engine, but they ported it. You don't need the creators of the engine to port a game. I'mma leave you to it because the idea that it's hard, or there aren't any developers who can do it, or it's some massive undertaking to port last-gen games onto Switch is just...absurd. Especially considering all the last-gen games that Switch is already getting.
  11. At least it's not offensively bad like Sea of Thieves.
  12. I gave it a try, it was boring, I went back to the far superior mutliplayer. Dunno what more you want from me, bruh.
  13. Avenatti: the God-Litigator that we deserve.