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  1. Progression in Sea of Thieves - Official Walkthrough

    Still the only xbone game i'm vaguely interested in.
  2. FCC votes to rescind Net Neutrality

    The FCC chairs are comprised of 5 seats with 3 seats holding members of the ruling party and 2 seats holding members of the minority party. During Obama's term, one of the seats of the minority party came open, and Obama elected Ajit Pai on McConnell's recommendation, since he had to put a republican in there. Since it's set up like this, the FCC tends to vote along party lines. I'm sorry, did i just puncture your safe space? Of course each person has the power to effect change. WTF do you think just happened in Alabama?
  3. I don't think it's the gameplay, I think it's the content. The stealth action gameplay of TLoU is great, but the heavily scripted worlds/environments that you move through aren't. Every once in a while you'll get something semi-interesting, but most of the time you're moving from small pocket of enemies to small pocket of enemies with scripted drama sequences in between. What i'd like for them to do is open up the world a little bit. Not open world, but give larger levels that are centered around hub areas. Then expand the games outwards from there. Allow you to build your hub world through the things you find while exploring outside of it. Maybe even have the game culminate in a battle over that hub world towards the end. That gives you something to work towards. You'd want to protect it because you built it, unlike protecting some other character that you were just kinda told to care about.
  4. New here, what's up?

    I don't, go fuck yourself.
  5. FCC votes to rescind Net Neutrality

    You're deluded if you think this isn't nothing to worry about. The fact that you're not worried tells me you either don't understand the gravity of what's going on, i.e. regulatory capture with intent on controlling information flow or profit and political gain, or you don't care, in which case you should get the fuck out of the way for people who do care to fix all your shit for you. Which, by the way, is why all that various stuff you've seen in all of your wise years amounted to not much in the first place.
  6. NPD results rolling in.

    Not in contention.
  7. FCC votes to rescind Net Neutrality

    This fucking bullshit attitude is how it got rescinded in the first place. Stop taking the small amount of good shit we have left for granted.
  8. Metroid Samus Returns imo is better than Super Metroid

    That's because Zero Mission had that god fucking awful ending sequence.
  9. I just said I didn't. With your mom. 'Cause I fucked her.
  10. Where did the XB1X touch you, Johnny? Show me on the doll.
  11. Got even more from your mom in 3 seconds.
  12. The trailer certainly didn't feel like Tenchu. I'm guessing it's a Soulsborne game. I'm hoping for a spiritual successor to Bloodborne.
  13. See here's the thing, Johnny: if xenoblade 2 ain't up to your standards, you can play any of the following exclusively on Nintendo Switch, all from the last 9 months: Mario Odyssey - Platformer Splatoon 2 - TPS ARMS - Fighting Golf Story - Sports Adventure Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Turn-Based Strategy 1-2 Switch - Waste of money OR you could play these fantastic multiplatform Nintendo games that you'd have to purchase Nintendo hardware for anyway, but let's be real you ain't buying a Wii U 'cause that just silly: BotW - Game of the Year Mario Kart 8 - You know goddamn well what mario kart is Or you could go back to your XB1X that you paid $500 for so that you can play PUBG at 20fps with pop in, input lag, stuttering, all in glorious 4k.