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  1. Never said this. Exactly the opposite: you can find me saying Xeno 2 feels like it was made by the interns about a week ago. Never said this. Haven't bought Bayo 1+2 on Switch, likely won't buy Bayo 3. Never said this. Splatoon 1 may have been as good as 2, but I've put some good time into 2 and it's not something I would've bought the hardware for. Never said this. So now that we've gone over your strawmans, let's look the only part of your post that doesn't reek of lemming-think: Yeah, that's a pretty big part of it. It was a gigantic barrier to play a lot of these games. Apparently this is news to all the non-sheep, because none of the sheep have really argued this point with me. Wii U was shit. It's still shit. It will always be shit. Having to wade through shit hardware with a shit OS and a shit controller to get to a few choice nuggets of silver, not gold, is not my idea of a great time. Meanwhile, the Switch exists in opposite-land. It's well-designed, elegant, the OS is fast as fuck, and I can pick it up and be in a game in less than 5 seconds using the suspend feature. I can take it anywhere, at any time, and not be tethered to a single location, and I can play multiplayer on a single switch system with nothing more than what came out of the box (this is literally the reason I picked up mario kart 8, currently the only Wii U port I have). As for what I've been enjoying on the system, the games I've bought have been a mix of new and old: BotW, ARMS, Splatoon 2, Golf Story, Disgaea 5, Skyrim, Super Mario Odyssey, and surprisingly, DOOM, although if DOOM PS4 got updated with gyro controls tomorrow, I'd probably ditch the Switch version and pick up the PS4 version instead. For a system's first year, the output has been fantastic, and that's without the Wii U ports.
  2. It was a process, but we are certainly benefitting from it, now. We'll just ignore the fact that you're comparing a single year of releases on Switch to the entire Wii U library. My point still stands: the software Nintendo put out for Wii U wasn't enough to overcome such a shit system to make it worth a purchase. The system was poorly designed, and I recognized it less than a year into its lifespan and sold that shit after buying it at launch. I don't regret it. Of the games you listed, the only ones i have are BotW, which was a multiplatform release, not a port, and Mario Kart 8, which is the only port from Wii U that I currently have. If Every single one of those games you listed for Wii U end up releasing on Switch, the only other one I might buy is Xenoblade X. So that's 2 games from the Wii U that I'm interested in on a piece of hardware that I actually like. I have no idea why I'm supposed to suck Nintendo's dick for 2 games over a 4 year period when the Switch has given me more than that in a single year. The fact that you think I should is showing your lemming roots.
  3. ...Yeah. Yeah, I do. God of War isn't TLoU, nor should it be. It's a sorta goofy action game with light platforming that's been transformed into Sony Cinematic Action Game #6. That's fine, and I'm sure it'll get rave reviews for being more mature or some shit, but let's not act like it's really God of War, anymore. It's not.
  4. Based on you admitting it. I even expected you to dance around the question when i asked it, but nah, you went straight full retard if the first three words of your response. "Not physically, however..." So how have your klan meetings been? They put you in charge of the potluck, yet?
  5. Your faction is dead. Don't ever address me again, peasant. I'm better than you.
  6. You know the lemmings are dead when their own cult leaders say theyre going 3rd party and lemmings don't believe them.
  7. Probably because Wii u was a pretty shit system. It was clunky, the controller was cheap, the os was slow as shit, the entire system discouraged multiplayer, and what few games nintendo managed to shit out didn't justify tge purchase of the system. That it was underpowered was just the dingle berry cherry on top. I know my fellow sheep don't like to hear it, but the system deserved to die, and the only positive aspect of the system is that its demise lead to the far superior Switch.
  8. I can't hear you over microsoft going 3rd party.
  9. Bruh, I know that some time in the future, we're gonna spar. It's inevitable because you're a cow, and I'm a sheep. But I just want you to know, that even when it eventually comes to blows, we'll always have the ownage of the lemmings.
  10. Because he was talking about Nestle, not himself, and because he's more informed than you are: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-09-21/nestl-makes-billions-bottling-water-it-pays-nearly-nothing-for
  11. The reason I don't think this will happen is because the hybrid nature of the Switch is the very reason it's successful. It is allowing people whose lives have gotten in the way of gaming the convenience of playing games again. Yet another set top box will actively work against that. The future needs to be more convenient, not less so.
  12. Now let's get this shit back on track: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/vanessa-trump-hires-criminal-defense-lawyer-in-divorce-from-donald-trump-jr-report Totally normal behavior to hire a criminal defense lawyer in a divorce. Completely normal. Bigly normal.
  13. Just like every other streaming service that requires proprietary hardware. Oh wait.
  14. Prolly been posted, but whatever, fuck you: https://www.polygon.com/2017/11/10/16633678/nintendo-switch-production People laughing at the system 'cause muh 4k when they're about to get fucking steam rolled like they did with the Wii, except this time it'll be worse. This time, the system will have 3rd party support out the ass. Japan's already on board: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2017/10/30/report-japanese-third-parties-unconvinced-of-the-switch-are-now-scrambling.aspx Will western 3rd parties jump on? I think that depends the most on Skyrim. I don't know what the number will need to be, but I think if that port crosses the 2 million mark, you're going to see a shift in western 3rd party support on the system. And if that happens, everyone who's not a filthy fucking sheep is going to get their fartboxes ravaged bloody by our woolly brethren. ErrybuddyWBFR
  15. But we WILL be playing your games on our 5 year old tech.
  16. The NPDs say otherwise. The best part about lemmings in my thread is that at some point, your games will be in here, too.
  17. It's like the lemmings. It's already dead but it just won't go away and we're stuck with the smell.
  18. No you dumb shit. Read the fucking post. PAYING. Read that fucking word right there, cocksucker. PAYING Here's a link to the fucking definition of the word: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=paying Got it? Do you got it? I got my hands on my knees, bend down to your level right now, and I'm asking you DO YOU GOT IT NOW, LITTLE TIMMY? DO YOU GOT IT? Good, now let's go over this once more, and for the last time: