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  1. Isn't that the lemming mantra? Wait for the RGE™*? *It sucks and it's shit until it's on xbox.
  2. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/07/17/mueller-asks-for-immunity-for-five-witnesses-in-manafort-case.html I've noticed that the investigation news is now timed to follow whatever bullshit Trump is spouting. It's speeding up.
  3. Don't forget @Saucer. Dude was practically begging for Trump to shove his baby carrot in his mouth.
  4. @Alphonse - typing the emoji doesn't seem to work, even though it's right. :roff:
  5. Hang on, last thing I just wanna add one last thing. Deeno, your best bet is to get in a pile and get gay. Godspeed, son:
  6. Dad gum wut in TARNATION is dem fucking MEXICANTS doin' comin' 'ver 'ere to TAKE R JEERRRRBS!!
  7. Let us not forget, oh layer of land mines, oh believer of "not physically, however...", the hero SW truly needs:
  8. That's a long time to be wrong.
  9. Did you just quote the most up to date biologists as of the 1950s to prove your case? Deeno, I'mma throw it to you straight. Every time you start this conversation, you lose. I ain't gonna post links, I ain't gonna go tit for tat. All that shit's in our post history. I'm just gonna make fun of your racist ass.
  10. Also not seeing any conditional logic. For example, I if I wanted to filter via the following: if(White.physicality.equals(emoji.getSkinTone().physicality) && White.intelligence >= emoji.getSkinTone().intelligence){ System.out.println(emoji.toString());}
  11. I'm not seeing a means of segregating the emojis via landmines, so it looks fine to me.
  12. Shit's whiter than Deeno's birthday party.
  13. I miss dark SW. Where do I change it?
  14. This guy. This fuckin' guy. You can hear him slurpin' Putin's cock from all the way across the Pacific.
  15. At this point you're about at the same level of Slow Johnny when it comes to understanding everything about this situation. We need a new category for you two. I'll workshop it a bit and get back to you.
  16. Does this stooge even read what he's been typing?
  17. The only other people I've seen this brainwashed are people that end up drinking koolaid. And Deeno's white supremacist leanings, but mostly koolaid.
  18. Aza doesn't even try to question why it's been long sought. Putin didn't tell him he was allowed to question why.
  19. I'm calling it right now: if the November elections get hacked, there's going to be a revolt.