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  1. MU HA HA HA HA Black people from Wakanda owned your soul
  2. The Black Panther is a certified sheep owner.
  3. What a bunch of fools in this thread. If a females gives you the number she is interested and she responded. Dummy only had to text next was “It so cool to have such a cute woman into video games” Bitch would have smiled and blushed. Then he could have proceeded to put his dick in her mouth
  4. Hey let’s have a Nintendo Switch NBA 2k tournament. Heard from my homie Egg Head that people be getting it in on Switch. Popcorn and Dookie Mouth told me that the Switch got a great 4K game lineup. Could y’all list some games for me to pick up Also heard Nintendo coming out with a new system in 2028. it is over for Nintendo and the Sheep
  5. This is not a credible site. It has Nintendo advertisement on it. Stop spamming with fake links man
  6. I OWNED you in one reply. You are a typical pathetic sheep MU HA HA HA MU HA HA Now you have no response because you know in your heart is true. Talking about breaking character. The only thing broke is that weak as line up for the Switch
  7. No one has a Switch. You can keep typing all these long as post until your head explodes but that will not change the facts. You got Owned like a pair of old socks and now you mad. Where are the facts to back up any of your claims. That should not have been to hard. Simple question. Prove that the Switch is not dead. Should be very simple
  8. MU HA HA MU HA HA. The OWNAGE is so severe you actually thought I made a bunch of threads