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  1. I boycott Chai Tea because of the Chinese.
  2. Fuck me? Okay. Gamedrunk dunk your hard dick in my meat-hole.
  3. Herbs

    Just bought some chronic. All set for 4/20
  4. I've never been to New York. Rather spend my time in Beautiful British Columbia.
  5. After looking at my phone I looked up and saw my friend walk out of the liquor store. He asked me to drink but I was already hungover. He insisted I drink with him. He laughed and said he wanted to drink rye until his face went wry.
  6. "I wanna suck your dick in our last moments on this helicopter and there's no 'but's' about it." So the pilot shrugged and agreed and as Matt got down...
  7. Weird fact: Only men get to choose their sons or daughters name correctly because their last name is used after marriage. Women are inferior.
  8. I wanna get a new console when I get a new tv soon. Maybe the next line of console's will be out. Maybe I'll win it all in a consolation prize.