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  1. Noooo Chris Cornell!! Rip

    I was more hurt when Halo died.
  2. Guys I want to give up

    Jump off a bridge.
  3. yo whats up, SW?

    I'd like to knock you out with a bat and throw you off the bridge, but I haven't had the opportunity.
  4. You have no time because you don't shine.
  5. I would like to reveal identity

    I could jump on you, like Mario.
  6. People are confounded by me...

  7. People are confounded by me...

    because I'm Mr. Mystery.
  8. This is a nice forum

    I hope the blacks don't come back.
  9. Javier updates..

    no. It's because you're nothing.
  10. Halo1/2, CS, TF2, Star Wars. Ghosts poking my shoulder.
  11. this place still kicking eh?

    Kicking butt! My ass hurts.
  12. Reboot Reboot.

    Samurai Jack is airing now on CN
  13. Reboot Reboot.

    Next year on YTV
  14. Javier directed a 54-40 video.

    That's what his wife told me, but maybe She Lies to Me.