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  1. Jim has rhythm...

    I guess James reigns!
  2. I ate at a free dinner, because I'm a fern....

    Are you zealous of James?
  3. at the end we got icecream and cake, but my two friends gave me theirs because they didn't want them and left me to go outside. The server saw me finish the last plate of sweets and said, "wow, you ate theirs, I see." I replied, "yeah, and then I got deserted."
  4. English is in...

    are opponents are out!
  5. I'm still an admin here?

    You're acting like this forum is a failure, sailor.
  6. the juice is your life-force.
  7. I'm drunk ask me anything

    You forgot a colon and a question-mark. Why are you so clueless?
  8. I've been the only person here who's never been a mod

    mod the system to play free games. :P
  9. Today's Weed Wednesday...

    That was back in the 80's. Things have changed since the dictator Hitler... sorry: Harper came into power.
  10. Today's Weed Wednesday...

    and it's the 8th so I think I'll buy an 1/8th off Mr. Nice Guy.
  11. I've been the only person here who's never been a mod

    But you've had other jobs.
  12. I quit drinking

    I can change, my name's James.
  13. I ended up getting sick and throwing up. Will find out if others got sick. I want to know if I was intentionally food-poisoned. My friend didn't get sick so it must been intentional. I'm never eating at The Star of the Sea again.
  14. The Official "What are you watching?" thread

    Thread title has alliteration.
  15. I'm still an admin here?

    But you could buy a bottle and put a ferry in it, just incase something happens to you while you're driving your truck in the snow.