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  1. Final Fantasy 15

    Translate Final Fantasy fate.
  2. People are pacifists,

    so system "wars" is a paradox.
  3. I love a married woman. Fml

  4. I love a married woman. Fml

    Steal him from her.
  5. but I was dubious.
  6. Final Fantasy 15

    Why thank you. I also knit worsted.
  7. Final Fantasy 15

    FFXV is for people in their fifties.
  8. Give me a caul.

    If you call, I'll rub your balls.
  9. Give me a caul.

    I'm in my womb.
  10. Or do all my ideas drain down the sink?
  11. You forget where you left it and it becomes bemusing.
  12. Paris is providence.

    Its state was sanctified ages ago and is still pure to this day. I pray for America to be as cared for as us someday. C'est la vie.
  13. So wassup?

    Wasps are up
  14. But she doesn't want me to tell anyone. I told her, "what happens at James', stays at James'."
  15. M - flo

    Didn't understand anything that was said.