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  1. Lems rate the Xbox consoles

    Xbox one, but it has ascended with the arrival of the One X
  2. Not when all ISPs in your area are introducing the same shitty new pricing model.
  3. It's your ISP that will charge you a premium for access, not the sites. Also, this 'nothing will happen, so we'll just sit on our ass and do nothing'-attitude is not good. Do not take anything for granted.
  4. Is planet Earth 2 good ?

    It's good. Bought it as my first 4K UHD Blu Ray. There are two downsides though. It's using HLG which is not supported by the One X, and 1080p footage is used in some places. Mostly in scenic scenes.
  5. Hdr is legit

    It's true Jon A bunch of PS4 games got HDR patches in 2016.
  6. Digital Foundry Star Wars Battlefront 2 - PRO v X1X v PC

    That's true, however there is now way in hell a $500 PC will beat the Xbox One X
  7. Xbox One X debut sales in Japan

    What a shocker
  8. This is almost some HoF-level shit
  9. Wolfenstein 2 and AC Origins cheap on Xbox with Gold

    Just bought Wolf 2, Forza Horizon 3 and Death of the Outsider
  10. Oh wait, it can get much worse
  11. I'm so glad I have EA Access or else the graphics whore in me would have probably bought this steaming pile of shit https://clips.twitch.tv/AdorableTenderCrowLitFam
  12. SW Battlefront 2 6/10 at GS

    Read this.
  13. Post your ride

  14. Do you plan to have children?

    I think that's pretty natural. The thought of being "stuck" with one person for the rest of your life is honestly somewhat terrifying. That sounds like a cliché, but it's true. You're investing feelings, time, energy and money into something that has a definite chance of going terribly wrong somewhere down the line. It's a gamble. You just have to find the person that makes you want to risk it.