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  1. Tokyo Jungle - amazing gem, totally unexpected, trully fun game. Far Cry 3 - took a break from it this week, now I understand the complaints about running too long.
  2. it has always been like that lol Which is why he said, "... still feels like...", emphasis on the still. I am not argueing that, I am argueing that people shouldn't expect anything different
  3. it has always been like that lol
  4. spent my weekend enjoying FarCry3, great game liking the crafting stuff, the world is fin to explore, taking my time with each zone, some glitches here and there, but overall a great experience.
  5. btw anyone here plays Spelunky? been addicted to it lately amazing game
  6. weekend full of Journey - amazing game Hitman Absolution - love the setting, not really digging the mechanics. Guacamelee - still working my way though it
  7. got dat shit in my shopping cart today we download. must have
  8. Put some serious time on Guacamelee last night, god I love the game, presentation is excellent, controls are tight and the world is pretty fucking clever. Damn.
  9. Played a bit of Hotline, game owns And got around to play some Mortal Kombat (remake), pleasantly surprised Its not the deepest shit in the market but its fun, and looks good too $5 PSN sale
  10. you still have another 8 or so
  11. The game is more megaman than RPGS thou, trial and error.
  12. started Scott Pilgrim: the videogame I like it, I dig the food/music/ rpg elements to it, I just wish the controls were a bit more responsive.
  13. Wait I think it is the stamp card Been a while. Game gets pretty godly once you get the boat though. yeah it is a stamp.