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  1. The Official JimboJones Megathread

    They should use him to deter teenagers from doing weed.
  2. Typical yank, only cares about America. This is why xbox is such a flop in the rest of the world. No worldwide appeal.
  3. Poll: Unban Grip

    Is there anyway to have the software limit threads/posts? So you could auto limit him to one thread a day?
  4. Back from being expunged.

    I dare you to meet him now
  5. Back from being expunged.

    It's unfair to lump me in with that lot. The people I killed deserved to die, they thought Xbox was a good console.
  6. Back from being expunged.

    Fucking hell, looking at it again it really is him So jokes aside, how many women do we reckon hes skinned alive?
  7. Post your drinking habits

    I'd name them but I'd be here all night. We cows have too many games to play and too many lemmings to laugh at to waste time listing out hundreds of games. Here, I'll doing your list for you though... Forza '18 Forza '17 Forza '16 Broken Halo game
  8. Post your drinking habits

    You a Devil's Third fan bhytre? You know whats funny? Its literally better than everything xflop has had for the past few years holy shit TLHBFR!!!
  9. Post your drinking habits

    Couldn't care less about GTS. Only got it because it was a freebie. I don't really play racing sims. Luckily PS4 offers a wealth of other games. On xbox all you have is racing sims, waiting until Q4 every year for the Forza rehash as that's all Xbox gets
  10. Post your drinking habits

    Sorry Bhytre but I won't rest until Xbox is dead. Luckily for you that seems like it's just around the corner
  11. Poll: Unban Grip

    How about a trade? Ban JonB and Grip can come back.
  12. Post your drinking habits

    Men drink to relax, or have fun. Lemmings drink to numb the pain of supporting a dud console with no games. Everything has a fanboy connection. It's deep psychological shit yo. You can tell a lot about a man by the console he games on.
  13. Post your drinking habits

    You notice how lemmings are the biggest drinkers? It's almost like having a dead console and drinking to numb the pain are related.
  14. Back from being expunged.

    *User has been banned (3 months): Transphobic comments, extreme mansplaining, arguing in bad faith, whataboutism, wrong-think, not supporting cultural marxism*
  15. Poll: Unban Grip

    I want you banned, the reason being you're a Lemming