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  1. This fucker acting like game websites, IGN at that is like the United Nations They're all hacks.
  2. Lol exactly. These fuckers used to pester Kojima and every other developer every damn day about 360 versions of games even though they said they had nothing to announce. This is nothing new anyway. I remember IGN ripping on Gamecube during its latter days when it had major droughts. Lemmings cant accept that their console truly sucks so much that people cant help but make fun of it.
  3. Xcluded. Before lemmings try to pretend they don't care, it has a good chance of beating their two most talked about games of the moment - Ryse and Six of Thieves
  4. Fucking hell I was going ofd the meta. Getting excited for a sequel to a 4.0 disaster....only on Xbox.
  5. This is all lemmings have these days, shitty bait. Brag about Six of Thieves. Hype Ry6e 2. Try to trash God of war (AAA). Even Yakuza destroys everything you've been playing Lemmings should be banned from talking about games.
  6. I love how this game that lems tried to shit on comes out, destroys their most hyped game this year and is better than most exclusives the lems have had this gen
  7. A Ryse sequel holy shit lemmings getting excited for a Ryse sequel. They sure love their 6/10 garbage. These clowns try to talk shit about real games too
  8. Holy shit, this clown trying to hold Six of Thieves on the same level as Rare's N64 masterpieces. The delusion...
  9. 9 pages and lemmings STILL crying Just stfu and get some games you jealous little bitches. Credit to the sheep, they in here unashamed to give props to a game.
  10. Better version of the best console on the marker, of course it's worth it.
  11. Sony Uncharted and TLOU. One is a piss poor shooter, the other is a piss poor stealth game. Might as well be interactive movies because the scripted scenes are the only decent parts of both. They will full sjw though so their games get instant 10/10 scores. Don't really hate anything else from Sony. Nintendo Zelda from 2006 - 2017. Ok so that only really means TP and SS, maybe the DS games but my god was this garbage overrated. Twilight Princess is hands down one of the most boring games ever created, yet the Sheep would have you believe it's sacred just because it's Zelda. Bayonetta. Ok so I don't hate this but damn it's overrated. A fact that the PS3 version was nerfed so lemmings overrated the fuck out of it, then it went to Nintendo so sheep overrated the fuck out of it. Didn't like it back in the day, gave it a try on Wii U and got more into it this time and its ok but nowhere near the legendary game people make it out to be. If it went full multiplat I guarentee the hype would massively disappear. Microsoft Halo - The single most overrated video game of all time. An abomination on the industry and one that set the fps genre back by about 10 years. Garbage games overrated as fuck by fanboys. Least its dead now. Forza - Less fun than watching paint dry. Most racing sims are but Forza takes the cake. Why? Probs cus Gran Turismo and the rest come and go like normal games, but since xbox has nothing you see fanboys hype the fuck out of this trash and we have to endure fake hype year after fucking year. I'm not going to list the rest of the xbox flops but special shoutout to Alan Wake for being an impressively offensive pile of shit.