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  1. The character from the first scene died in my playthrough, so now the game is just cycling between the other 2 Its making me want to start over. Im guessing you need all 3 alive to get the best endings. But if the flowcharts function like the ones in the zero escape games, then it won't matter since you can just return to earlier points and intuitively change your decisions. I hope thats the case, but I haven't messed with them yet.
  2. Played through the intro (hostage scene) and it was awesome. If thats indicative of the rest of the game, then we're in for a treat
  3. Got to work. Definitely on borrowed time though.
  4. My disc drive has been slowly dying for a while now, and its gotten worse lately. I am actually struggling to get Detroit installed at the moment, it just pops out the disc. Anyone know if there are any external blue ray drives that work with the system? I know its a stretch, but if possible i'd rather go that route instead of having to send it in for repair.
  5. Just itching to leave on vacation already. I've been working for 3 years at this job and haven't had a real break yet.
  6. 80 at meta, 8 at IGN, only the GS one is off. Regardless of which site you run to it still shits all over SoD2 lol.
  7. I think you got the wrong link. That one leads to some dungeon crawling rpg.
  8. haven't heard about that place in ages, I nearly forgot it existed.
  9. fixed. i've been working way too much lately and my mind is all over the place.
  10. Sort of. Theres 2-3 branching paths in each level but they all lead to the same location.
  11. If they really want to flex their creative muscles then they should convince EA to let them develop a 2142 sequel. It was easily one of the more underrated games in the series.
  12. I heard the game is 40 hours long if you go through all the branching paths? thats nuts i was hoping it would be shorter.
  13. Played through the first 2 stages of Bloodstained Curse of the Moon. Its alright, but very old school. Im more of a fan of modern metroidvania.