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  1. Must have PS4 visual novels

    Visual Novel implies little to no interactivity. Zero Escape and Danganronpa (especially the latter) have a lot going on mechanically.
  2. The Official "What are you watching?" thread

    just finished GODLESS yall need to jump on that series, it was fantastic.
  3. its gonna be interesting to see how the sales of the game compare to Battlefront 1. Its already off to a much slower start in the UK.
  4. wolfenstein 2, ass creed, or the evil within 2

    Wolf 2 is good but it’s definetly overrated. The first one was more impressive.
  5. wolfenstein 2, ass creed, or the evil within 2

    Nah it would suck if every game were that long. I don’t have the time nowadays.
  6. Once again you argue content but you forget that kiwami launched at half the price. Say what you will about the story, but at least theres some pacing and intensity to it. 0 has long stretches where practically nothing happens. Overall 0 = Kiwami.
  7. The content is hit or miss. The hostess mini game starts off fun but it becomes a laborious grind and i didn't have the patience to get the end of that storyline. The real estate one was just a colossal waste of time. Kiwami has less content but whats there is more consistent. As far as I know its also the only Yakuza where some of the side quests have actual fully voiced cut scenes. The presentation of those is much better than the typical scrolling text boxes and static character models. Character progression, and the design of the skill trees also make way more sense.
  8. i've been curious about this for a while so I just tasted one of my games. Honestly I was expecting worse.
  9. They both have their ups and downs, but Kiwami is without a doubt a better game mechanically.
  10. ugh that looks much worse than i remember, remij. Look at river in the pic with the eagle. it looks like a long streak of green goo. i don't know why they'd have to downgrade the game. it ran fine on my PC.
  11. The Official "What are you watching?" thread

    Godless Netflix is killing it.
  12. Outlast 2 was on sale on steam so i bought. The intro leaves quite the first impression, i hope the rest of the game is that engaging. The one thing holding it back is that it has the same hide and seek gameplay design as the original.
  13. im not really sure. Probably around ~15 hours.
  14. I was actually discussing that with a friend yesterday. I feel like he would have a strong chance of winning regardless of whether he leaned towards democrats/republicans.
  15. Its still got a bunch of side content but the main story is quite a bit shorter overall.