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  1. yes, especially if you like difficult platformers like Meat Boy.
  2. I play on very high, but its a mess. I get 25-35FPS on average. I need to look up a tweak guide, im sure theres a few settings that destroy performance but don't have much of a graphical impact. I've also thought about just playing it on my 1080p monitor, which would probably boost the framerate to 30-40.
  3. The PC version still has A LOT of distracting pop in, especially on character models. Its one of the areas they definitely need to improve in.
  4. All things considered, the devs did a hell of a job with this game. The studio is made up of just 80 people, so the fact that they were able to pull off a RPG of this scale is impressive. Its too bad I seem to be the only person here whos actually playing it.
  5. Really good game, I think this is when Ys peaked. The newer ones are just too bloated and slow paced in comparison.
  6. Its never a problem finding Conquest matches because thats all people play. The game has other great modes but nobody cares for them. I've been a BF player for a long time but even im getting sick of conquest, and sometimes just want to play other modes.
  7. is what he says about russian women true, aza?
  8. Yeah, I really wanted to try the new operations that came with the russian army expansion but even at release i couldn't find any matches...it was pretty frustrating. Rush servers were also ghost towns.
  9. lmao this actually looks like it would be pretty funny. See 0:47
  10. https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/kingdom-come-deliverance-review-the-past-comes-at-/1900-6416861/ THE GOOD Incredible attention to historical detail Extensive, lifelike quests Strong storytelling and voice-acting brings Henry and his world to life Impressively rendered world immerses you in the setting Smartly relies on both stat growth and skill development THE BAD Overly rigorous core mechanics can get in the way of your enjoyment Bugs and glitches can unfairly halt progress Frustrating save system I think the fact that a buggy game with so many bad design decisions (saving/lockpicking) can be AA is a testament to how good everything else is.
  11. i don't even play the game anymore but watching DICE's slick trailers is always fun.
  12. I unlocked about half of the b-sides but only tried one of them. It was ridiculously hard so I pussied out and didn't try the rest . In regards to the strawberries, i think i collected somewhere between 90-100 of them. I died a total of 1224 times.
  13. The base/defense building and crafting systems seem deep and interesting...I'd rather play this over an expansion to MGS5, or a new game with the same exact gameplay as it.
  14. Right after I posted that I played some more and ran into what im 100% positive is a progress stopping bug I even looked up a walkthrough and the interactions I need to progress are just non existent in my version of the game lmao.