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  1. JonB1 laying down the truth ITT. This was painful to watch. Almost as painful as some of the arguments ITT.
  2. Not playing anything right now. Doing this as I type though.
  3. Your form is looking better... much better hands up. Good improvement. Instead of treating it like a cardio drill, which is also good.... try coming in an out towards the bag and exploding with combinations, back away, come in again with flurries, and throw every punch with evil intentions. Controlled fury. It's much more helpful to train as you would actually fight. Bargain_Bin running away from a punching bag.
  4. Just finished Wolfenstein. First game I actually finished in a long time. It was fun, nothing mind blowing or innovative but enjoyable. Played it on normal and it seemed fairly easy till I got to the final boss. Tried it 10 times and failed, got pissed so I changed it to easy to complete.
  5. Days gone by. November 18 2006 3 days after I joined I believe.
  6. Everything I ever wanted. It's just like Christmas all over again.
  7. Billary looks like a barn owl. The daughter looks a lot like Natalie Portman in that pic.
  8. Besides I can't post pics. VGking is taking his ban badly. I will not elaborate on it but lets just say his ISP may be talking to the authorities very shortly or the other way around. I dunno how it works.
  9. Sure, just as soon as ghostz posts a pic of his ugly mug, just for the lols.
  10. Just started playing Jazzpunk. After giving me an epileptic seizure during the opening scene it finally got into the game and this is the first thing i saw. It's the name of the place I grew up.