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  1. He's also firing neonationalists and protectionists like Gorka and Bannon He's also firing loyalists like Hicks and the Mooch and Jivanka He's basically firing everyone because his white house is a mess
  2. are you guys 15 LMFAO this thread is embarassing
  3. would you fuckers not put spoilers or possible spoilers in thread titles? I don't care if it's just speculation, it's annoying because if you don't click in the thread then you don't know if its a spoiler or not, and if you do click on it you risk yourself spoiling yourself more no, it's not funny
  4. How much fucking transparent can you get? Also, the turnover at this white house is hilarious
  5. The camera is a huge part of gameplay in a 3D platformer though.
  6. I actually think the first 25 stars are the most memorable. I have a problem with the most latter stages. Clock tower and Rainbow road may be fun concepts, but they are full of unfair fuckery. Clock tower specially its a struggle against the camera in certain stars. But that's besides the point. Mario 64 gave birth to the 3D platformer and DMC1 gave birth to the 3D action hack-and-slash. Both feel a little outdated compared to the modern state of the genre but both are influential. Its a fair comparison. I'm not saying they are equally as good or equally as influential.
  7. Are you dumb? I'm precisely saying that Mario 64 is influential. But if you play it now right after playing Oddyssey or Galaxy, you will run into frustration for the controls and the camera. Also some of the level design is not as streamlined obviously since they were just beginning to experiment with it
  8. DMC3 is a timeless masterpiece. DMC1 is a dated game that was hugely influential, sort of like how Mario 64 is clunky if you play it now. DMC2 is just garbage.
  9. Bioware fans talking about gameplay ROFL Hey, at least it does one thing rather decently than 5 different things shittily. Lol @ acting like a stealth build is well balanced and fun in Skyrim DOS2 is the GOAT, seriously its one of the best RPGs ever made. It's just overlooked because it's not an epic third person game and because we've had our share of isometrics in the past couple of years
  10. This looks EXACTLY like the 2008 version. You could tell me its an expansion pack I didn't know about and I'd believe you. Like even the UI is the same. Its great we are getting classic VC, but they could have retained the essence and still enhancing it. I mean the game is 10 years old FFS