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  1. this mother fucker pretending he isn't PhantomABS. Fuck outta here..
  2. What do you do for a living?

    I've only ever had it happen once. But, it was an issue that wasn't caught by one of the senior engineers so technically it wasn't their fault.
  3. What do you do for a living?

    Civil Engineer - i basically tell the construction drones how to build shit. lol.
  4. Poll: Unban Grip

  5. GotDayum, this ABS fool getting roasted on by Jenny. Hang it up ABS, when you get owned by jen it's time to hang it up.
  6. Poll: Unban Grip

    Bitch the way you're cock-riding him, I'd say you were grip. He has definitely fucked more uglier women than I have, 100% cause well, I don't fuck ugly women . Has not made no where near as much money and knows jack shit about gaming.
  7. Poll: Unban Grip

    fuck grip
  8. Official Politics Thread.

    It's sad that you're still a retarded fuck that thinks we have two separate parties.
  9. Official Politics Thread.

    Uh yea, they're all the same, "you rub my back, i'll rub yours" It's sad that you think that we actually have two political parties in this country.
  10. Official Politics Thread.

    GOP / DNC same fucking side of the same coin. Neither is any different.
  11. Official Politics Thread.

    From the crap I'm reading, there is supposedly a big bomb shell about to explode involving the whole Obama admin. Imagine if our government spent time doing work instead of petty ass shit like this, what we could accomplish.
  12. Official Politics Thread.

    In case you don't fucking realize this country has always used the EC. Bu bu bu bu teh popular vote.. It doesn't mean a fucking thing. Still waiting for those 3 intelligence agencies to produce one shred of fucking evidence. If they had it Trump would be hanging from a tree on the WH lawn. You and I both know that.
  13. Official Politics Thread.

    Yea because that's REALLY going to work. Lol.
  14. Metal Gear Survive

    It looks interesting
  15. Official Politics Thread.

    Oh you mean the same exact polls that showed us that Hillary was going to walk the dogs on Trump, that he had a 1% chance to win the presidency, all the way up until he was announced the winner, those polls Jerry? Are you seriously basing your argument on polls that have already let us down once? If so we need to just go ahead and end this discussion now, because you're too fucking stuck in your own ways to see a voice of reason. Those 31 Reps that are calling it quits are all from deep blue districts that Hillary easily won. So it's entirely possible they would have lost anyway. I know at least one of them is running for Gov though. As stated, the DNC is broke, at last FEC filing they were something like 3-7M in the hole. How do you realistically expect them to prop up 24 seats they need to retain in the house, plus pay for the candidates that are running for the 31 empty seats. Yes, I look at shit realistically, and when you have seen as many presidents come and go as I have, you begin to see shit for what it truly is. I was around for Reagan all the way to Trump and each and every president has become more and more corrupt, so again, I am confident nothing will happen, because I've seen enough bullshit to know, that Washington DC is nothing but a circus. @McWickedSmawt85 There's the rub, the big ol IF. If Mueller had anything on Trump or Pence he would be taking the dude the fuck out right now. I mean shit, who wouldn't want to be known as the man that "took out a sitting president"? . Nixon was not impeached, it was recommended, however, he resigned before they could get him.