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  1. You stupid fuck, that is exactly what the fuck it means. If the EC had never been created Virginia would have chosen the first 12 to 15 presidents. Damn Jerry use that little libretard peabrain of yours. They sat down, looked at Virginia and said, NOPE one state doesn't need to have that ability. As I called you in the politics thread and will call you again, you're a mother fucking mental midget compared to me, kid, you may want to run off to your safe space now.
  2. The candidates do appeal to the population. However, as stated the EC does the job it was designed to do. It's Hillary's own fault she couldn't turn PA , WI and MI. Trump realized the popular vote meant jack shit, look at Al Gore, he beat GWB in the pop vote by over 500k votes, but, because he couldn't seal up the EC, he lost. Hillary played for popularity, Trump played to win the EC. As for Alabama, they have 9 EC votes, they don't mean shit in the swing of things.
  3. If super delegates weren't a thing, we'd have Bernie instead of Trump and none of this dumbass bs going on. But, the dems are corrupt piece of shit.
  4. Bruv, you always have a shoulder to cry on. Don't worry, I'm not even going to make an i told you so post.
  5. The framers looked at Virginia, saw that it was the biggest state at the time of writing the constitution and said, nah, one state should have that much power. Thus the EC was formed. Virginia produced the first 4 US presidents and 8 out of 45. They had the foresight to see that we would continue to grow as a nation.
  6. Yep, New York, California and Illinois could sway all presidential elections from now til the end of days. Those 3 states right there are almost always a given to go Democrat, looking at the numbers.
  7. We have tried integration programs, it doesn't work. They do not want to integrate with us. They come over, see our laws differ from theirs and they don't want to follow that law. For instance, there are Muslims in the US that want the right to practice Sharia in their communities. I work with some great Muslims that have come over and have truly integrated into our society, they respect our laws, they don't want Sharia, but, the refugees coming from Syria, and other war torn nations (that we are to blame for) want much of the same. As for the Russian shit, yep, those plea deals that keep falling apart. Flynn just withdrew his guilty plea, Manafort and others are now suing the FBI and other departments of the DoJ. I will gladly lend you and the rest of your leftist buddies a shoulder to cry on when Mueller comes out and says, "Well guys, we have nothing, thanks for paying me millions though." be ready for that day, cause it's fast approaching.
  8. I don't think you understand the simple phrase "the framers had it right, get over it"
  9. It has always worked this way. That would be like splitting up California's 50 something ECs because most of the smaller counties voted for Trump. (Which is actually verifiable). The framers had it right when they decided to use the EC. No amount of crying and bitching is ever going to change it. It's the perfect system.
  10. Yes, US citizens elect presidents, but, when you have 3 states that have the ability to sway elections, popular vote doesn't work. The EC, was implemented because Virginia at the time, was the biggest state in the Union. The founders saw that this country would continue to grow, and eventually realized that one state shouldn't have the power to elect all presidents.
  11. Yea that has worked out so fucking well for the Europeans, amirite? Daily rapes, daily protests, police scared to fucking death to enter refugee areas. But, keep pushing that leftist ideology, maybe, just maybe, they will come to their senses and join the civilized world. There you go pushing that Russian shit that keeps going around. Those same Russians that were indicted, yea, those guys. They were pushing more ads on facebook that was against Trump than for him, if anything, the Russians wanted Hillary to win this election.
  12. Because when one state, California has more people in it than a whole country, Canada, that is why we have such a system. If such a system weren't in place, then all US presidents would be decided by 2 to 3 states.
  13. Stop watching shit at 1am lol