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  1. mutliplats with better graphics and paying 5x more than everyone else. lemmons saftey bubble is fun to look at. but pc gaming still sucks. lemlogic.
  2. guys guys.. i did work for nintendo too. and sony.... and microshit. and when I got the time I work on computer hardware.
  3. How the fuck should I know that lemofficer is fucking retarded?
  4. lmao yeah logic. When every xbox game is on pc and jenny thinks most ps exclusives are on pc. It's ok lemshits, exclusives don't matter anymore since ms gave them away.
  5. or lemmoncop is a faggot
  6. I liked the original but that visual novel story telling is boring as shit. Give me some towns and npc characters or something.
  7. im upset about lemshits losing all credibility.
  8. Xbox One X debut sales in Japan

    lemmons don't play cuphead because they care about graphics now.
  9. give master mind kojima some time. he will deliver as usual.
  10. Tons of Yakuza Kiwami 2 info

    no one talks your rainforest tribe language.
  11. sounds good, i play it after godcher. The best version of it. On pc.
  12. no man get the fuck out with the remaster bullshit. jsut give everyone BC.