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  1. The Official JimboJones Megathread

    I know, trust me.
  2. The Official JimboJones Megathread

    He may be insane but I think he's just clinically depressed or some shit. Maybe someone hurt him or his people.
  3. better shitter than bitter. you fat ass. go punch yourself if you need to fight so badly.
  4. you look like wario you fat fuck
  5. Do you always take the money in Witcher 3?

    same, that quest owned but was sad. It was that old woman that got fucked over by the crones sister and treated like shit. lol geralt batman, so true.
  6. The Official JimboJones Megathread

    nobody can tame jimbo
  7. Is Alien Isolation better than the reviews?

    fuck off and just play it and you will see. the game owns hard. it's scary as fuck. you might die from heartattack.
  8. Poll: Unban Grip

    just ban the fat guy andlet grip post here. ying and yang. give him a limitation on creating threads or something.
  9. Is Alien Isolation better than the reviews?

    play that shit. low scores lmfao
  10. Who ever came up with the Daenerys Targaryen emoji is smart.

    can we get quote chains back please? circlejerk was funny sometimes. please somebody. @Cookester15
  11. What kind of music do you listen to?

    I listen to almost everything but mostly the usual. rock, metal, especially black metal and techno shit like sci-fi dnb like all the technoid crap. and old stuff too. a lot of jimi bc he's the best, my father always listened to that negro. I rediscovered the jap shit, I don't really like the sound of the language anymore after watching too much anime few years ago but I'm in the mood to get into it again. Check this out. maybe don't watch it, it can give you 100% pure cancer but listen to it. love the guitar, so good. and this one especially the ending. gantz is cool the manga is godlike but the anime is total crap. Sad ending though. maybe you can translate some koko bc I don't speak any of this rainforest tribe shit. I would love to know what that jinn girl is yelling about. @kokujin I know raion means lion right? with her voice she's kinda like a lion lol at first it I thought it was awful blabbering but I got used to it.
  12. How old is everyone?

  13. Do you always take the money in Witcher 3?

    you won't have to worry about currency either way you get more than enough. also do all side content. you get literally nothing for it, like 1 exp or some shit. one of the best side quests was in skellige where you
  14. How old is everyone?

    yes please.