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  1. my comment was simply adressing the comparison of these games. which are out of line. you are boring and dumb as fuck. you get tiled over shit like this and then try to make an argument out of it. Read the fucking thread title again and then read my posts. you are wrong by putting words in my mouth.
  2. I like instant noodles some times but it's awful really.
  3. look at the thread title you dumb asshole. you can't compare the witcher godliness to AC. I'm not making an argument you are because you can't fucking read. Get the fuck off my dick.
  4. I'm saying he's comparing the witcher with assassin's creed. You know that only franchise that could rival cod. Get the fuck out remij, you suck at comprehension. dumb shit.
  5. He compares both games? Fuck off remij seriously.
  6. the witcher universe is one of the best things ever created. I feel sorry for you jon if you try to shit on this franchise by comparing it to assassin's mediocrity.