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  1. dildo crying there aren't any exclusives on xbox. so sad.
  2. sheep should just wait for their parents to pick them up at the kiddo aisle.
  3. I didn't like angelina with bulked up boobs to fit in.
  4. who cares, I look forward to watch the movie with her being a main character.
  5. who cares about marios moves. snes and n64 were best. (bc i didnt play any mario after that ) n64 first bowser level was really good with that green/dark background. I liked that. and the music was awesome for both the level and the bowser theme. I should replay it. new mario games suck.
  6. yeah the beginning was eerie. when you walk in into the rooms with marionettes standing around and few minutes later after backtracking they start to move.
  7. yeah she looked best in leon the professional
  8. the leader of toussaint anna henrietta is dumb as shit. worst character in the game.