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  1. I think it's a good approach to get you used to a fairly hard combat system and mechanics. You have to figure out how to succeed in every fight and if you don't and die you can still spent time and grind. Get better by boosting attributes but at the same time figure out the core mechanics. Games with only one difficulty, like it's meant to be played (nvidiaintro.mp4) are awesome because spliiting a game into different difficulties fucks up one or another. just saying. I love it. also the auto save function.
  2. no games, red ring of death, no games. I think xbox is worse. It's faulty vents 100%, get a new ps4.
  3. jimbo is high from his ballsack frizzles
  4. souls games difficulty is more than fair. worst case scenario you can spent some time and level up to make it easy. lol lemnoobs
  5. we don't need atmosphere, just make it an action game with muscle bois lemshit nub
  6. my first PS3 (the fat lady) had faulty vents and would turn into a jet with afterburner too after 2 minutes no matter what game I played.
  7. FFXIII-2 and still didn't finish it. love the pokemon system but serah is annoying. I play this game in short sessions for years now