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  1. Our PSVR got returned :/ I kinda liked it but it wasn't being played as much as the non-vr games. The resolution on some games did suck, but others looked great. I don't think there was a good flight simulator out, if any. Ace Combat 7 will probably be amazing. I played DCS World in VR on PC and it really made me change the way I looked at VR. After that, I knew that shit was the future and is here to stay. If you guys have a PC to hook up the PSVR to, try out GTAV. It's also very good even though it's not natively VR.
  2. I am acknowledging your thread, and your existence.
  3. I wonder how much they paid him to say that.
  4. It was fun online but it needed more variety and bigger maps. Overwatch, cod, battlefield. None can match the gameplay of Enemy Territory. What the fuck are they doing.
  5. Xbox is still one of the best systems to emulate on. Anyone remember those big ass emulator discs? Piracy
  6. vodka rapes my stomach
  7. I started playing it last night. I kept dying and I didn't really get it but it was addictive. I've never played any of the souls games.
  8. lmao jerry lost his mind again