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  1. I hate Pillars of Eternity's combat

    No one wants to play that crap. Tell them to make Fallout 5
  2. DotA 2 is abysmal

    Dota2 is for nerds
  3. I can't tell if I've replied to a thread. The icons look the same.
  4. Cuphead is doing great on PC

    It's not for casuals. It's not easy
  5. Loot boxes are the new gaming cancer

    Quake Champions is another game ruined by this crap.
  6. Holyax did you make this game?

    that was zwarrior
  7. Money hacks thread

    Go to the all the casinos. Better if you live in a large city. In Miami there were enough. Get free play. Play slots and get lucky. Then cash out.
  8. I must come clean. I'm falling back hard into drugs.

    What do you call speed? Amphetamine pills? MDMA? Meth? Anyway, you know yourself better than anyone else. Feeling guilty sucks. You could accept it. Moderate it. Better than being fucking miserable sober. Or at least find some other thing that makes you happy.
  9. It's good to have SW back

    I still get addicted to ET every few years. Makes me feel bad, I have a decent PC and I want to play the same old games with shitty graphics.
  10. Official Retrowave Thread

  11. SS closing

    What happened with shamescrollers?
  12. Anyone else glad Republicans won the recent election?

    Best president since Washington
  13. Official Retrowave Thread

    probably the best fad i've seen in a while. aesthetic / vaporwave / synthwave and all that crap