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  2. So wassup?

    glad you made it aboard now that this forum is dead
  3. Guys I want to give up

    Don't listen to the doctors.
  4. Play (buy) FFXV

    I forgot all about it. Glad it wasn't a complete flop.
  5. People are confounded by me...

    That's your only appeal.
  6. Steam IDs

  7. yo whats up, SW?

    If you pass by new brunswick can you take aaron karney with you to winnipeg. His roommates want him gone.
  8. NES Classic - what a fucking bummer

    yeah watch them not play it again and go back to playing their android games
  9. Steam IDs

    do you know how many there are? i give up
  10. I purchased a Switch 3 weeks ago and its still sealed.

    games are lame
  11. NES Classic - what a fucking bummer

    am I missing something or are the people buying this crap completely retarded considering you can do a Mameos / hyperspin etc. with a cheap pc?
  12. Steam IDs

    how much drugs cooke, assuming you are the one with korean characters. cant find an exact match
  13. Steam IDs

    steam id: pwnedz i'm bored. lets play something. i'm gonna buy rainbow six siege now
  14. Javier updates..

    still in miami?
  15. Moonlight

    I literally live 3 minutes away from those projects. This movie did not deserve the best picture award, and if it did, then holy shit, the rest of the movies must have been awful because this movie was nothing special. It was only cool too me because I'm local to the area but the story, come on, it's just a typical story about a bullied kid becoming stronger. It doesn't even go in depth into the gay thing. He doesn't talk about it. So what the fuck was the point of making him gay.