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  1. I gotcha, no biggie, totally agreed on the security stuff, I'm super paranoid about that kind of thing in general.
  2. I did some sketchy shit too, no doubt, I'm not great at themes though! I'm good at buying them and installing and tweaking them.
  3. I've also never expected to be kept around as admin and would have zero issue ever getting removed. But I will never ever purposefully fuck things up ever.
  4. Nah just reading through the thread. I would never fuck this place up on purpose. This place is probably the reason I didn't graduate college, literally poured hundreds of hours into keeping this place going. It was rough. But it means a lot to me, it really does. And I've never talked shit about it, some of the users, sure, I can't stand a lot of people here anymore but the site itself still means a lot to me.
  5. http://systemwars.com/forums/public/style_emoticons//Smileys/sad.gif
  6. It's finally raining!

  7. Why do I only truly feel awake after midnight? Even after going to bed at 3am the day before and waking up at 6am... Oh well.

  8. Everyone will be happy to see this survived.
  9. Reviews.

    Just a reminder that this site will not succeed trying to write factual reviews or previews, I can link you to 1500 sites that do the same thing that no one pays attention to. Look what happened to totalgamerzone it completely fell apart. We kinda have to embrace the fanboy perspective to differentiate ourselves.
  10. Yeah I've got our Youtube account.