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  1. Yeah, unfortunately for lems raw power can't compensate for shitty devs.
  2. Both of these games suck lol. Why would anyone want to "play" a David Cage game. Worse than Telltale trash.

    Yeah once you add a pro controller that shit ain't portable. Barely portable as it is. I beat a couple DKCTF levels in bed and another on the toilet. But that's the extent of it.

    30 FPS and Joycons. yuckkkk
  5. Who's grabbing that Dark Souls on Friday? What build ya'll starting with? I haven't played the original in ages, trying to decide if I'll get a PvP build going or roll through the game normally first.
  6. DKCTF might actually be a decent challenge if there weren’t so many checkpoints and you didn’t accumulate so many lives. Even when there’s a tough section it still only takes a few tries to memorize the patterns.
  7. i'm sure they'll be laid off when MS drops out of the console business next gen
  8. Yo vini when was the last time you got laid? Honest question. You don't have to specify. Over under the last three years.
  9. Like the only few people I've met in real life who talk about this guy are all borderline incel basement dwellers.
  10. Yeah. He makes sense sometimes on very basic things like the gender pronouns and shit. Other times he just panders to nice guy type dudes who think women owe them sex. It's pathetic really.
  11. No. Literally the worst console of all time. Didn't think anything would ever surpass the Wii U.
  12. Lol, this dude is a loser. Spokesman for socially inept virgins. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/18/style/jordan-peterson-12-rules-for-life.html
  13. Lol is this the worst console ever? Is it even close?