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  1. You won't see that because the Kardashian name has clout and it would probably devastate his brand if he did. I was going to post this to your social media thread, but this news bit fits here too. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-02-22/snap-royalty-kylie-jenner-erased-a-billion-dollars-in-one-tweet Still think Paul Logan has more clout than Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner?
  2. Aza what is the age demographic of gamers in Japan?
  3. This is a one-sided discussion. I presented my findings to the forum on the #2 post. Is there evidence of reason that you can provide that's contrary to mine and not by just blinding blurting "Obama race baiting" without no source? Please contribute, and add visual aides when you do like I did in my post. Thanks!
  4. How was trump/fox news argument arguments bad enough. Those are well documented points that mark contributors to worsening race relations in America. No ? Wake up!
  5. explain yourself. I will not waste my time arguing with assumed implications. Since Joe Rogan does not say that in his video are YOU trying to make a new argument that the only negative reactions about Black Panther where from Black People? explain yourself.
  6. Why do you come away from the video Cooke posted that Joe Rogan was talking about "black people"?
  7. It's not difficult to see what's changed. FOX NEWS Donald Trump got into the system and has corrupted minds. FOX NEWS has peddled "Black Panthers" in the mindset of it's viewers for decades going back to 2008 elections.
  8. no one saying that. The fact that black superhero movies in general have not done so well. Even provided you a list of them. People are excited that this is the first black superhero movie that is being well received at the box office.
  9. The whole reason for the hype of Black Panther is that it is the most budgeted and large black cast superhero film to be released. To diminish that would be to overlook half of the quality of the movie. Let me put it in video game terms. Edit: It would be like asking why does it have to be a PlayStation 5? Why can't it just be highlighted as a video game system?
  10. Take that grade and now grade Black Panther against past Black super hero films. 1993 - Meteor Man 1994 - Blankman 1997 - Steel 1997 - Spawn 1998 - Blade 2001 - Pootie Tang 2006 - Hancock
  11. To make sure we vote Republicans and Donald J Trump out of office for 2018/2010
  12. 12 Years a Slave and Moonlight aren't superhero movies.
  13. Last Halo game I bought was Halo Reach. I was 27 years old back then. The game is now for the babies, as with the rest of the industry.