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  1. I only paid $299 for Xbox One S, or was it $229? back in 2016, it came with BattleField One. Now the suckers that paid over $300 for any console.
  2. and the Nobel Peace Prize award should go to. the Worm. The nerve of Trumpmericans thinking Trump was going to break bread with NK Leader.
  3. Nobody, let the government send members of the arm service to the schools. Get them out fighting the quagmires of the Middle East.
  4. What in the blue heavens of gentrification is this? Why is the game called Detroit?
  5. Lil Tay what are you doing on this site? Don't you know the message board is for grownups.
  6. I once bought a red bull back when I working myself up on a late night before college finals. I haven't touched that stuff since. I graduated back in 2008.
  7. It's not okay. A sin is still a sin, regardless of the color we put in front of it.
  8. Damn this m'fer is doing exactly what I want to do, using the One controller on MK Kollection. How does Microsoft let this happen. They let the PC Hermit get the advantage every freaking time. I'm so done with this brand.
  9. Doesn't look like I can play my Mortal Kombat Kollection on Xbox One. I don't see the game anywhere outside of it showing in my own feed. Odd . Can't judge the Xbox One controller yet since I don't have a fighter outside of KI, and the classic 2D Mortal Kombat games are a good ruler to measure a decent controller. Does the Elite controller mean the Xbox One default controller is shit too? Why does it exist? Microsoft can't never get things right. Which is why I'm so done with them as a brand.
  10. I'm trying to enjoy this game of Mortal Kombat II and this damn d-pad got me hopping when I press right to left. It has me moving forward when I want to crotch down. Just f'n up my whole process giving the already cheating CPU an easy victory. I thought I had the improved 360 controller with the rotatable D-Pad but I misjudged this controller, it is as bad as the regular controller. Has D-Pad been improved for One? I haven't done it yet but I guess it would be possible for me to move this game over to the Xbox One as it is a XBLA downloadable.
  11. My biggest flaw with the controller is the lack of 6 buttons. SEGA damn near pioneered (wait they did pioneer) the 6-button arcade pad back in the Genesis days, carried it over to the Saturn, and then for some reason did away with it. Not only that they dropped their circular directional pad for the old cross-bar. Dreamcast always felt like SEGA compromised and was trying to combine PlayStation and N64 together into their system, you can draw that from examining the controller alone.