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  1. Keep this garbage to PMs this is embarrassing y'all
  2. This expansion is like 6 months old now why bother posting this
  3. It's a bad game with good sound design. Combat is boring and there's far too much of it and there's 3 different variants to the puzzles which are also not very fun. Game is like 4 hours long and manages to outstay its welcome.
  4. But singleplayer games are dead
  5. Game won't even manage the playerbase required for a single game
  6. Switch sucks

    At least it's easy to put in a drawer.
  7. I imagine having the buildings more spread out is a gameplay thing.
  8. I do. Either way there's nothing worth returning to. Dark Souls is a great game, one i've beat a handful of times. I don't need to see that same experience again.