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  1. Lol poor jimbo. Dude have you cut your mane yet?
  2. Moonlight

    Never seen it and have no interest in seeing it
  3. It's going to have much better smaller dev support and much better support from Nintendo as resohrces aren't split between 2 system. It's will be a great side console. Developers are saying it is by far the easiest console to develop for.
  4. No its quote popular at sidescrollers.. Sdubz on the other hand completely lost their minds
  5. I woke up with holes in my hands and feet.

    You're not jesus
  6. LMFAO SWDubz

  7. I'm still an admin here?

    No deal!
  8. I'm still an admin here?

    Glad to hear it!!
  9. I'm still an admin here?

    Yep. Don't blow it up! How's the new baby doing?
  10. I'm eating people now

    man meat is usually hard