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  1. Play (buy) FFXV

    I honestly haven't played a FF game since the PS1 days lol. FF9 was my last one.
  2. I would like to reveal identity

    I know who you are
  3. NES Classic - what a fucking bummer

    n o s t a l g i a
  4. yo whats up, SW?

    why don't you come visit me. We can share my bed

    lol it was destroyed by BDG.. i wasn't even admin then
  6. Public apology from me and Ghostz

    i accept your apology
  7. Steam IDs

    theres a gazillion pwendz
  8. Steam IDs

    search for mr peanutbutter and in canada
  9. Steam IDs

  10. Game Butt(Spot) scored Far Cry 4 a 7

    far cry sucks
  11. NES Classic - what a fucking bummer

    snes classic is coming. I would rather have that anyway

    Or just post here you faggot dota?
  13. Reboot Reboot.

    lol my dad worked on this, he gave me a shitty tshirt.
  14. this place still kicking eh?

    This is the Jimbo Zone