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  1. What's up everyone

    Good day to you
  2. Limited Run Games confirms 2018 Switch supplrt

    Of course there's going to be a revision for switch just like any other console these days . But if you buy the revision there will be another one after that.
  3. Post your gaming setups

    You must have a large disposable income
  4. Microtransactions Need To DIE!!!

    Xbox and micro transactions killed gaming
  5. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle coming to PS4/Switch/Steam

    Has this series ever been good?
  6. Blade Runner 2 reviews

    Holy fuck that was annoying
  7. I tend to like what I'm told to like
  8. Good morning my sweeties

  9. Good morning my sweeties

  10. Aza.

  11. Aza.

    Posting is a little easier than fixing forum shit.
  12. Aza.

    I'm on holidays in Mexico right now buttface
  13. My posting is blocked. I'm fucked.

    Jimbo lives in a different reality. He's not really in sync with the rest of us. Or maybe it's just us that's out of sync with him.
  14. The Punisher on Netflix Nov. 17th

    Looks good