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  1. Worth it? So far it has one review. An 8 from destructoid and 88 from users on metacritic
  2. Dammit I was hoping you'd freak out. No your posts are gone forever. Lol
  3. I've restored all your posts
  4. Gd log on there and see my thread on abortion.
  5. They are so weak. Instead of debating someone they ban them because of their insecurities. Here at SW we allow all points of view! except if you are getagrip
  6. It could very well be a Christmas release. The toy shit I could care less about.
  7. They keep asking for me to be banned. They call me a racist and think I'm alt right. Anyone who is to the right of them is alt right apparently. I think I'm pretty balanced in my political views. I voted for Trudeau lol.. But I regret that one.
  8. Their attitudes are repulsive. Especially when you have an opposing view to something
  9. That's all I have to say about that place.
  10. ill wait for it to hit switch. i like playing it in bed with headphones
  11. James Mangold is directing https://www.google.ca/amp/s/io9.gizmodo.com/boba-fetts-solo-movie-is-moving-forward-with-the-direct-1826308063/amp Logan was awesome