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  1. watch this if you want a superhero movie for grown men instead of corny disney shit
  2. indeed, thankfully some reviewers are keeping it real
  3. leave a legendary movie like fury road out of threads about generic marvel trash
  4. anyone that doesnt see the one x as the lame duck console it is, is an idiot, straight up. ps4 is on top in games, sales, and press, by miles. literally every day that goes by like that is an embarrassment to ms, and the gen as a whole is obviously a lost cause. why would you want to prolong, much less invest in, an EMBARRASSMENT and LOST CAUSE? the one x was just meant to get as much revenue as they could out of the hardcore dumbos like jon and dildocop that will eat up whatever they put out. nintendo did the same thing with the wiiu; even when it was tanking miserably, they never dropped the price, because you might as well get as much as you can from the dumbos thatll pay it anyway.
  5. talks more about the box than games lemshit priorities
  6. sony's output should always be 99-100% single player, because third parties do a much better job supplying multiplayer experiences than they do singleplayer. for mp, you got battlefield, battlefront, cod, destiny, division, ghost recon, overwatch, rainbow six, titanfall with more on the way like anthem and borderlands. even if you only like 1-2, youre not going to have time for much more. meanwhile if you rely on third parties for sp (xbox owners), you have ass creed and far cry campaigns
  7. -sea of thieves twitch stream -pubg twitch stream -ea game pass
  8. pubg didnt release on xbox in 2017. complete games win gotys, not broken betas