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  1. so what’s the new rundown of outlets/communities biased towards ps4? ign is biased towards ps4 gamespot is biased towards ps4 metacritic is biased towards ps4 digital foundry was biased towards ps4 neogaf was biased towards ps4 side scrollers was biased towards ps4 systemwars is biased towards ps4 resetera is biased towards ps4 how long before lems realize the WORLD is “biased” towards ps4 and thinks xbox is garbo ?
  2. how is it biased to acknowledge the truth? sites about vidya games dont need to be all buttoned up and humor less and shit bc fanboys tards like yourself might get their feelings hurt
  3. bc of how seriously youre taking this? LOL and sure ill hire dakur to run social media or w/e, this isnt srs business unless youre a fanboy dumbo
  4. nah the majority of normal ppl saw this, laughed/re-tweeted, and moved on only fanboy dumbos like you are melting down like this is a natioanl incident and LOL at "professional website" - ign is a site about video games , movies and comics and other frivolous shit , not the nytimes or wall street journal and they wont do this with any xbox flops bc ps4 actually has games
  5. btw is it rly biased to acknowledge ps4 is way better than xbox or that xbox has nothing? at some point "biased" viewpoints like that simply become "accepted fact" even to neutral observers. the funny thing is, only biased fanboys would get their feelings hurt by some harmless ribbing.
  6. GOTGs Uncharted 4 - 10 Bloodborne - 9 God of War - 9 Horizon - 9 Last Guardian - 9 Nier Automata - 9 Nioh - 9 Persona 5 - 9 Shadow of the Colossus - 9 Street Fighter 5 AE - 9 FOTGs Halo 5 - 8 Dead Rising 3 - 7 Dead Rising 4 - 7 Gears of War 4 - 7 Gears of War Ultimate Edition - 7 Killer Instinct - 7 Halo Master Chief Collection - 6 Halo Wars 2 - 6 Quantum Break - 6 ReCore - 6 Sea of Thieves - 6 Ryse Son of Rome - 4
  7. you mean they all rape every xshit game, with half the dev cycle
  8. https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/yakuza-6-the-song-of-life-review-tokyo-drifter/1900-6416875/
  9. ah one of the downtrodden that used to bat for dmc. now we just need ninja of chaos