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  1. The Switch is killing it (Jimquisition)

    this is what the battle for second place has come to "youre as unlikely to get games as we are"
  2. its funny because its true console - $500 4k tv - $1000
  3. Xbox One X debut sales in Japan

    bu dont post dis stuff ;( LMAO
  4. Justice League

    other than some cringey parts here and there, its pretty entertaining if youre a fan of dc characters also easily the most watchable snyder dc movie
  5. welcome to every playstation console since literally 1995. tekken, resident evil, metal gearsolid, final fantasy, ring a bell? third party exclusives have always had a heavy presence on playstation. if anything, sony's first party studios are stronger NOW than they were then. there were no last of us, uncharted, horizon, sotc, on ps1 from sonys first party studios. the original xbox also enjoyed a fair number of japanese exclusives (sega). here's the thing though : while microsoft got fat and happy buying exclusives and timed exclusivity deals during the 360 generation, they seriously neglected their stable of 1st party studios, while sony nurtured theirs. they were also notoriously stringent and risk averse, opting to let their star studio bungie walk instead of letting them move forward with a new ip, while sony let their star studio naughty dog work on last of us. so when sony closed the gap toward the end of that generation, and blew it open at the start of this generation, microsoft had no where near the leverage to buy exclusives and timed exclsuive deals, and got caught with their pants down as a result, with an anemic stable of 1st party studios. theyre only NOW looking to invest in and build those studios, which will take years to bear any fruit. but why whsould anyone be confident in it? also the idea that play anywhere is part of some grand vision or logical progression planned from the start is a laughable bullshit spin pr line mean to put a nice face on the fact that xbox is getting the shit kicked out of it this gen. its a concession by the company that they cant compete by the conventional model anymore. they therefore are trying anything they can to drastically restructure their model at the eleventh hour.
  6. seriously imagine if the last time we were all on this forum, if we knew there would be a console in the system war that would literally never have an exclusive game ever again and that there would still be fanboys stanning for it and paying $500 for it.. after already dropping $500 at launch although, if you told me that all those years ago.. jon def would have been the ones i picked out to stay stanning tupac and kwame too
  7. you do realize the original xbox still had exclusive games? going forward from the play anywhere initiative, xbox one has literally zero zero
  8. imagine when you were playing og xbox, that in the future microsoft would have literally ZERO exclusives
  9. https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/gt-sport-review/1900-6416815/ ps4 front loads its 2017 and still matches xflops only game in the end
  10. oh you had to win a large sum of money too, that makes it better but hey you bought one. the op of this thread aint buying one ..maybe ever?
  11. how is it shtick? you yourself cancelled your pre-order initially bc of no games and then said the only reason you bought one was not because of games, but because someone made you mad
  12. Which is the most immature faction?

    you have 500 posts in 3 weeks and your sn is TCHBO
  13. the most artificial hype mechanism a company can deploy is 4k with no games know when a console is really rushed and unprepared? when the company announces theyre making the studios that make games the day before their console releases